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Anna Sabino is an artist, but certainly not a starving one. She wasn’t born into a wealthy family, didn’t inherit money from a distant relative, and doesn’t have a rich husband. But she made it as an entrepreneur, as a single woman, and most importantly, as an artist.In Your Creative Career, she shows her fellow artists and creatives how to build a business that reflects their talent and true calling while generating serious cash. Whether the goal is to build an empire and be financially free, create a lifestyle business, or just to have more time, Your Creative Career guides you through every aspect of creative entrepreneurship.If you want to start your creative career, transition into it, or give it a boost, this book is a must read that features:Proven systems and strategies to create ideally priced products that keep selling.The importance of going through all the steps of making it from idea inception and execution to branding and distribution.The importance of transitioning from artistic solitude to collaborative, creative entrepreneurship.The most effective marketing and PR methods adjusted to the new reality of short attention spans and information overload.

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Louise rated it      

Your Creative Career provides the motivating, passionate support that every creative entrepreneur can use to develop the business that supports the life that they want to create for themselves. Honest, forthright, powerful examples and straight talk make the book feel like a life-changing session with an intelligent, perceptive coach. Sabino has your back in every aspect of developing your career, encourages the reader to be smart, to be mindful, and to look forward into the future with excitement. I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Ben Weaver

Ben Weaver rated it      

It has taken the world a little while to catch up to what Anna has been doing for years as an entrepreneur. In Your Creative Calling, she lays out a proven roadmap with stories from her journey about how to get going and get success in this new online world we are all a part of.

What makes this book great is not just the to-dos but the personal touch. Anna has a great story. It is full of struggles, moments of wanting to give up but overcoming those for the sake of the place she feels called.

If you are at all thinking about stepping out into the jungle of the new online world, this needs to be at the top of your stack of books you need to read. There isn’t a page where you will not find something helpful!

M.J. Falke

M.J. Falke rated it      

What a great book for anyone who works in a creative career. There are plenty of books that offer motivation without a ton of practical advice, and vise versa – Your Creative Career melds these two aspects in a perfectly balanced book chock full of good quote, actionable activities and motivational text.

Anna won me over in Chapter 1 by quoting Douglas Adams, if I’m totally honest. I’ve got a Kindle copy of the book right now but I’m sorely tempted to pick up a hard copy just so I can go in and highlight all my favorite parts!

If you work in any creative field, whether you’re struggling or not, just starting out or well established in your field, I think everyone could benefit from reading Your Creative Career!

Katie Brown

Katie Brown rated it     

Anna Sabino’s book is a stand-out among the many written about cultivating a successful creative career. She deftly balances a motivational tone with practical insights and real-world examples from her own business experiences. It touches on many of the issues that are often skimmed over or neglected in conversations of creative careers: surviving the time when you have zero followers or fans; breaking out of the stigma surrounding money and creativity; and interacting with customers in both positive and negative ways. Her frank, yet optimistic handling of such topics is refreshing. While this is not a step-by-step guide to building a career, it is full of worthwhile and meaningful information that is complemented by the author’s positivity and experience.

Trevor Sebastian

Trevor Sebastian rated it      

A wonderful book for anyone who is interested in starting a business that has any sort of creative element to it (that’s a lot of businesses). It covers everything from the initial stages and “starting at zero,” to maintaining a successful business.

As someone who has not read a book on making a career out of creative pursuits, I found this an enjoyable and well thought out book. There is some great information in here! Furthermore, every chapter finishes with writing prompts to help build you into a stellar creative entrepreneur.

One of the most helpful things I learned in this book was to overcome the “starting at zero” (followers, sales, etc.) and to keep that grind going on. If everyone stopped at zero, we wouldn’t have any Mark Zuckerbergs or Bill Gates.

Also, I loved the idea of “sending ships,” which is reaching out to others without any expectation of anything in return. It’s hard to think that ANYONE would want to help and support you when you’re starting off, but there are those out there who see the value in your work and want to help you out. But you’ll never know unless you try!

Overall, I felt this had some great information for anyone who wants to start a career/business with their creative pursuits. Some of the information may be redundant for those who have gone through similar readings, but you’ll still get some great tidbits out of the book.


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