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The ornate, casket-like packaging and neogothic graphic design of this immortal trilogy is eerily enticing on its own. But just lift the lid, slide the first tape from its ghostly sleeve, and you’ll soon embrace the hypnotic realm of the undead.Book 1, Interview with the Vampire, opens with the seductive purr of F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus) stating, “I was a 25-year-old man when I became a vampire, and the year was 1791.” And so our ultimate antihero, Louis, begins the elaborate retelling of his long, tortured life as a vampire. Winding through the ages, from New Orleans to Paris, we follow Louis and his undying mentor, Lestat, as they feed on humans, whet their carnal appetites, and uncover an underworld of vampire brethren.Interview with the Vampire, read by F.Murray AbrahamRunning time: 3 hours on 2 Audio Cassettes———————————————–Book 2, The Vampire Lestat, brings us up to date, with Lestat waking from his earthen slumber to join the ranks of rock superstardom before sitting down to share the tale of his own haunting initiation into the vampire world. Michael York (Cabaret) puts his wonderfully fluid, cosmopolitan voice to good use, adding a dash of sly humor to this fast-paced, satisfying blend of sex and blood and rock and roll.The Vampire Lestat, read by Michael York Running time: 3 hours on 2 Audio Cassettes———————————————–Book 3, The Queen of the Damned, takes us back, all the way back to ancient Egypt, exposing the origins of the vampire way. Narrating in eerily serene and gracious tones, Kate Nelligan (The Prince of Tides) leads us gently down this bloody path of immortal desires. David Purdham gives the voice of Lestat a wistful quality, tinged with an evil relish that exposes the master vampire’s sanguine tastes.Queen of the Damned, read by Kate Nelligan and David PurdhamRunning time: 3 hours on 2 Audio Cassettes———————————————–Anne Rice has continued her Vampire Chronicles beyond these three novels, but that shouldn’t make this collection any less tempting to either the undead initiate or certified vampire junkie. –George LaneyTotal: 6 Audio Cassettes / 9 hours~

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Kristin Ames

Kristin Ames rated it     

Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles (Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and Queen of the Damned)…where do I start.

I feel like The Vampire Chronicles are a DIY bathroom remodel. There are moments of fun, but its mostly a lot of hard work and sweat; however, upon completion you feel a sense of accomplishment and look back at something beautiful.

Anne Rice truly deserves credit for the amount of vampire world-building done in this trilogy that has forever and irrevocable changed vampire lore. It’s hard not to sit back and admire Anne Rice in her craft; she is truly a master at what she does. Now that being said, this was far from a pleasurable read. The Vampire Chronicles were often easy for me to put down and hard for me to swallow in large batches. Rice writes beautifully and I can tell when Rice started this Trilogy she knew exactly how it was going to end. To see how characters were woven through the story lines of the three novels and watching the progression of the story arcs it was clear how well-planned this was and that was much appreciated. Despite this series feeling more like work than play, I can honestly say it was a good use of my time.

As far as recommendations go, I think anyone who considers themselves a well-read person its a must read. For those more casual, weekend readers, this could be quite tough and likely a DNF.

Happy reading!


Danny rated it     

While I liked “Interview With the Vampire” & found “The Queen of the Damned” to be entertaining at points, “The Vampire Lestat” is the best the first three books in “The Vampire Chronicles”. Lestat’s recollections & monologues by far create one of the most charismatic characters in fiction, & is the main reason why TVL is so good. “Interview With the Vampire” was also an enjoyment to read though considering that the story is told from Louis’ pov, it carries with it an endearing sense of doom. “The Queen of the Damned” is more complex in that I had to keep at it to get through most of the first third (I didn’t care much for Baby Jenks or the biker vamps to be honest), had me glued for the second third, only for the last third to stumble a bit once Akasha embarks upon such a ridiculous grand plan for the world that I found it to be more annoying & obnoxious than horrible. To go with Akasha’s scheme is a rebuttal wrapped up in one of the dominant themes of the work, the rejection of any place for the supernatural in human affairs. There were moments when that dialogue felt more like pontification rather than subtle. Aside from these complaints, I’d say that “Queen of the Damned” does a decent job of wrapping up loose ends from “The Vampire Lestat”.


lina rated it      

What can i say

That i read these three books over and over all these years. I have always loved the stories of anne rice. Just wish she didn’t find god and started to write stories about biblical stories. She will always be the gothic queen in my eyes.

But what to say. If you love devilish vampires instead of sparkle brooding vampires then these books are for you. Lestat the brat prince who never follow the rules or Louis the man who clung to humanity or Claudia the cursed 6 year old or even Armand who led the theater of the vampires…if i spoil the story then you will find put about it if did bot read it. Just like river song in doctor who says “spoilers”. But if u watch queen of the damned and never read the book…well I can tell you the book is wwwaaayyyy more better…5 vampires out of 5


Aly rated it     

Let it be known I did not read all 1200 pages! I only read Interview with the Vampire and the beginning of The Vampire Lestat.

Honestly, I really liked it! I’ve never read the book before, but I’ve seen the movie numerous times. I personally love the film, as do many others tbh. I had a feeling the book would be different. I’m honestly surprised the movie was close to the book, but there were obviously some differences. I do really enjoy the book, and I’m actually glad that I finally got around to it. I hope to read the other 2 books soon, but I do recommend reading the first one! It’s iconic!

Janelle Samara

Janelle Samara rated it      

I grew up reading Anne Rice, even though it was far from age appropriate. But I read too much to not pick up my mother’s well-worn paperbacks of Anne Rice and Stephen King.

I love these first three. I’ve bought them all at least three or four times as my copies got too worn and fell apart. Good thing I have a Kindle edition now! I’ve re-read these three books more than any other trilogy or series. Every three to five years, I binge read them again.

The tales are enchanting and engaging. The characters draw you in with heartbreak, sympathy, and curiosity. Rice’s words flow so smoothly and with such beauty, you can almost forget you’re even reading. I could easily see these books remaining my favorites for the rest of my life.

While Interview with the Vampire is amazing–Louis’s sorrow really sucks you in–I think that The Vampire Lestat might be my favorite of the three. I can still remember how wondrous it was to read it for the first time, to finally begin to understand how and why Lestat was the way he was. It continues to thrill me, still, to read of his encounter with the wolf, his transformation, his learning of how to be a vampire. I did love the perspective jumping in The Queen of the Damned, though. It really helps to give a better perspective of what’s happening and, while it breaks from the other two books that are told exclusively by first Louis, then Lestat, it has to be exactly as it is to tell the story properly. And I love it.


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