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Owen Gasnier is a gentleman even inside the Octagon. As much of a gentleman as one can be having an undisputed record with every win by a knock out. People LOVE him.Overworked barista Tegan Holland doesn’t know he exists. Not until ten minutes before her friend Fiona drags her to the biggest cage fight Sydney has ever seen. By the time he heads back to his training camp in the States, she’ll never forget him. But should she let him forget her? He’s chasing his dream. He doesn’t have time for her. Does he?For Owen, the hits just keep coming. Trash talking opponents, sensationalist media, and someone’s out to ruin him for good. He can’t put Tegan in the middle of it. Can he?Soon, will any of it matter? Cause life has other plans, and NOTHING hits harder than life.

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Amanda  B Gillespie

Amanda B Gillespie rated it      

What can I say? I knew he was talented with paranormal books and I had the greatest confidence he could do MMA and I was right. He totally rocked it!
I loved Fiona more than I thought I would and give her props for being the best Bestie Teegan could ever have. I empathized with Robert. And, no shock here, I hated Diaz. I felt for everything Teegan went through and how she still thought of Owen and how much she’d rather go it alone than to affect his ability to do what he’s dreamed of and trained for all his life. I love the romance of the story and felt like I was living in the book right along with them!


Jennifer  rated it      

Like a champ!

How I had not found this Author before is beyond me. Now that I have I can’t seem to stop reading everything he’s wrote. Yeah you won’t either lol. While this book may be technically a romance book (and it is) there are serious parts as well. Things that happen to the characters. Things that I will not mention cause who LIKES spoilers.But, I can say that while you might find yourself laughing your @#$ off one moment , you might find yourself tearing up the next. In the end you’ll say , yeah…It was worth it.


TopsieJ rated it      

What a fabulous story!!

I was expecting a romantic story about an MMA fighter meeting the love of his life……what I wasn’t expecting was a twist and deepness to the storyline that touched my heart and soul, some of it so emotional, making it quite difficult to read. Tegan’s journey, although heart breaking at times was inspirational in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, didn’t want to stop and can’t wait to get into book 2.

Roxanne Victor

Roxanne Victor rated it      

Being a fan of this author I was able to get an advance reader copy, arc, of this story. I was interested to see how he handled a whole new genre since previously his work was in paranormal. I was not disappointed, in fact, I am delighted. Rather than tell you about the plot and premise, which is ordinarily not something I would choose to read or speak of the characters, I will tell you how the book impacted me. This is a feel-good story. But in order to get to the feel good, author Speer is going to ring every other emotion out of you. I belly laughed at his humor, I bit my nails at the suspense, I worried for the characters I came quickly to care about and I cried real tears which is something only the very best writers can make me do. Aaron L. Speer knows his work, research is clearly there. And he is a master at the surprise twist, so if like me you think you can guess where it is going, think again, he will fool you pleasantly. I read this book in one day because once begun nothing else seemed important. If you are looking to be well entertained by a consummate author, this is your book.


Jenny rated it      

This was my first MMA book, and also my first by this author. I took a punt, and it was brilliant. The writing is fast paced and addictive. The story lured me in and I didn’t want to stop reading – I finished this book in a day.
The story of fighter Owen and barista Tegan has twists and turns, with sub-plots and surprises. The characters are well written and believable. Tegan knows nothing about MMA, but her bestie Fiona loves it, and is a huge fan of Owen’s. Owen meets Tegan at a backstage meet and greet, and they hit it off. Tegan doesn’t like the fighting, but supports Owen. When Tegan has her own battle to fight, Owen becomes her champion, and the HEA that I was hoping for becomes a little clearer – only for Mr Speers’ to put doubt in my mind a few chapters later.
In the end, everything works out, but not before all the obstacles are dealt with – because in Mr Speers’ own words – nothing hits harder than life!


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