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In a society where oppression and conformity rule the masses and the slightest unusual behavior could be seen as treasonous, Wynter Reeves would do just about anything to ensure she isn’t noticed. However, when she begins to show symptoms of a rare and debilitating illness, she unwillingly attracts the attention of the State—in particular, the feared research facility known as the DSD. Through them she learns of the true nature of her condition, a disease known only as Ultraxenopia.

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Denny rated it      

Ultraxenopia is one of the finest dystopian novels I have read. It’s well written, compelling and entirely original. Better than Divergent and the Hunger Games!

It is successfully written from the POV of the main character, Wynter. Her journey is our journey. As her story begins we know from her internal dialogue that she is quiet, conforms to her society’s expectations, desperate to fit in. She is no rebel. She has no special attributes to help her deal with her debilitating disorder, or the consequences of it. She is everyone and no one. We feel her terror, her fear, her confusion.

We get to know the characters as Wynter gets to know them. They become as real to us as they are to her. So 5/5 for characterisation.

Initially the story moves slowly as we live alongside Wynter. We gain an understanding of her society and sets the dark aura that pervades it. The language is powerful. The writer has a terrific skill with words. Great prose, great dialogue. Compared to other dystopian novels 5/5 for composition. (It compares well to literary fiction, perhaps even 4/5)

The greatest strength of Utraxenopia is its plot. Wynter’s disorder and the role it might play in the story’s resolution is original and compelling.the twists and turns are unexpected and thrilling. So 5/5 for plot

Wynter faces some interesting ethical dilemmas and I think that this is one of things that sets this dystopian story above others. Apart from the quality of the writing, it is a pleasant surprise to have these dilemmas considered. Also, to consider the manipulation of the people by the state, although not a new theme, but original in its subtlety. 5/5 for themes

This is not only a story set in a dystopian world, but it is also a mystery and a thriller. I think it would appeal to a wide range of readers, not just fans of dystopia.

As a dystopian novel I give it 5/5

Billy Owens

Billy Owens rated it      

M.A. Phipps put me on a roller coaster ride with this book. I just finished my second read-through and I am convinced there is so much more to this story than just one book can hold. When I first read this, I wanted to get settled into this dystopian world of The State,but as I found out very quickly,you can’t. These may be just words in a book,but if you look at our society right now,what’s not to say it won’t become like that of The State? Chips fitted inside your body. The government knowing your every move. A test to determine whether you will have a successful lifelong career or an unenviable task for the rest of your life. In Ultraxenopia,this is a reality. You cannot stand out. You must blend in,as if you are invisible. These are literally the words to live by. From Wynter’s perspective,she just wants to survive in this world. Unfortunately,as you soon find out,her survival may not be certain. The villainous Dr. Richter wants her for experiments,but why? Why is Wynter being tortured if Richter was trying to help her? I felt so helpless,only a witness to her torture. It was at that moment when I felt like I stepped into her shoes. I was just as confused,bewildered and scared as she was after her blackouts. And like Wynter,I wanted to find out why she…Well,read the book for yourself! As dismal a world this is,there IS still hope. The rebellion group,PHOENIX,is the only force willing to do what is necessary to end The State;but can Wynter trust them? What exactly does this ultraxenopia do to Wynter? There are other elements in the story you may find surprising as well,like…Just read this book already! You have to trust what YOU read. AND this is a trilogy,so there is still MORE to the story. I surely do not want to miss out when the entire trilogy is finished! #TeamJenner all the way!

Angela Cruz

Angela Cruz rated it      

This is a fast paced dystopian read. First book in this series, and what a great start. Yes it leaves off with a cliff hanger, AGH! But I am so excited to read what comes next. Wynter is such a strong character, but I believe she underestimates herself. I am still in shock over Wynter’s mother actions, towards Wynter and her father. I need answers for her insanity. And why is everyone introverted, what happened? This book is full with so many tosses and turns, I was excited to turn the page. I can not wait to read what happens next.

Wynter Reeves is turning twenty one and she is anxious to sit her placement test. In her society this test determines her future. So when she has her first episode, of course, it would be somewhere important and public. Even though she knows she will be reprimanded she never thought it would be to this extreme. Now she is property of the state, without any answers, her visions give her hints toward her uncertain future.

favorite passages:
“It seemed to stare back at me, the red light on its side continuously blinking like an eye.”
“My breaths seem deafening.”
“A strange, inhuman detachment has taken hold of me, and at this moment, all I can feel is pleasure in her pain.”
“Inhaling deeply, I hungrily embrace it, ready to run to the ends of the Earth to escape this hell.”
“Warm tears stream down my face, engulfing me in the heartbreak still lingering from my dream.”
“They’re a lovely shade of blue. For some reason, it reminds me of sadness.”
“The frustration running through me is like an itch I can’t scratch.”
“Nothing but the numbness and they empty shell holding it inside me.”

The Magic of Books Blog

The Magic of Books Blog rated it      

Ultraxenopia by M. A. Phipps

5 stars
Reviewed by Gaynor

It’s not often I find a book that i wish i could read in one sitting, so, as I couldn’t i found myself reading it whenever I could snatch some time. This book is completely engaging from the start and the story unfolds at a good pace. We are introduced to Wynter Reeves whose mantra “don’t stand out, blend in, be invisible” has so far served her well in the conformist society she inhabits. However a very public display of behavior outside of her control turns that mantra upside down and her life is irrevocably changed. She is taken to the sinister DSD where she meets the seemingly kind and trustworthy Dr Richter, who’s true colors don’t take long to show. The situation she finds herself in is genuinely harrowing at times and because the author does such a great job at making Wynter such a genuine character, the impact of her ordeal is all the more raw to read. Wynter’s unique abilities allow her to find a way to a different side of the state and to a group trying to make a difference, however, what sort of difference does her arrival mean to them? I don’t want to give to much of the story away, but there are discoveries made and hard choices to make to get us to the cliffhanger. I enjoyed this book so much, all the characters were engaging and well written, they all had a place and served to drive the story forward. The pace didn’t falter and there were no times when I felt the story was lacking or in need of trimming. I hope I don’t have to wait to long for the next installment!

Late Night Books Reviewer Gaynor


Ellie rated it     

“Don’t stand out. Blend in. Remain invisible.” This is the rule that Wynter lived in hoping that it will keep her alive. But there are things that are bound to happen no matter what. In just a matter of a split second, everything has changed. Is this a curse or a blessing? Is there a way to control it? Do you actually have the capability to set things right? Or even so change what is bound to happen?

This is a young adult distopian that is basically about a twenty one year old girl and her struggle to find answers regarding her condition.
First, the title, it really captivated me. I like how it gives mystery. At first, I wondered what could it mean but as I go through every chapter I found answer. It is an easy read and it is fast paced. I like how the author described every scene I can clearly picture that out. I also love how she somewhat managed to keep me in the dark, this is not that predictable. It kinda gives me “The Giver” and “Divergent” feels which is good for me. You will be hooked with the story and will eager to know what will be Wynter’s next step. Will she conquer these all by herself? Or will she look back and take the hand of Ezra. Will she be able to change what’s inevitable? Or will she be the cause of destruction? Yay! I am excited for the book two. I may not deliver clearly the feels that I felt when I read this book, I am not that good with words but I can assure you that this book is great. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I recommend this to all dystopian fans out there. You should really read this.


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