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Belle Jamison is finally starting to feel like a normal girl again. Her job as a paranormal investigator is going well, she’s learned to control her supernatural abilities (mostly) and she’s just gotten engaged to Rome Masters, the ultra-sexy operative who once tried to neutralize her!But planning a wedding is never easy, especially when the bride keeps accidentally torching her dress, the groom returns from a dangerous mission with selective memory loss and the man responsible now wants Belle for himself. With Rome’s ex determined to win him back and a new band of supervillains on the horizon, it will take all Belle’s powers plus a little help from her trusty empath sidekick to save the day, salvage the wedding and prove that true love really does conquer all.

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P.A. Lupton

P.A. Lupton rated it      

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED this series. I enjoyed book 2 just as much, if not more than the first book. I loved the plot of Twice as Hot. I was emotional within the first two chapters, and by emotional I mean I wanted to punch one of the characters I was so mad, and I also had to fight to keep the tears in check. I didn’t expect to be so emotionally invested in this book, so that was a pleasant surprise.

What I just can’t believe is that I haven’t heard all that much about these books. I know they are somewhat older now, but they are SO worth the read. I HIGHLY recommend this series for fans of Paranormal Romance–and don’t let the covers sway you–I thought these were YA paranormal novels, but they are smokin hot adult reads. Not erotic…adult. I will be rereading this series again.


Laura rated it      

I can’t believe how sad I was during parts of this book. First person point of view definitely makes it feel like I’m the character of the book, but the emotional level of this book hit me hard.
Rome went on a mission without Belle, and a man who can take memories from you slipped inside Rome and…well, he took memories from him. The catch? All of the memories were of Belle. This guy- Memory Man- felt the love between the two of them and wanted that, he fell in love with Belle through Rome’s memories, and wanted her.
Meanwhile, Rome gets back to PSI headquarters and is comatose for a few days. But Belle’s emotions cause her powers to go haywire, so she can’t be in the same room with Rome, instead she’s stuck watching through the glass as Lexis (his ex-wife) holds his hand. But when he wakes up, and sees Belle, he turns instead to Lexis..who knew!! Damn her! and sent him off anyway, because she wanted to get him back! grr…
So begins the whole Rome can’t get Belle out of his head, but still feels married to Lexis. It yanked me around on Belle’s emotional roller-coaster ride and wow! I felt them all as if they were mine.
Memory Man (Jean-Luc actually) tries to help Belle as much as possible, and tries to get her to give him a chance to treat her like a queen. He turns out to be a good guy and I really hope he’s happy with Lexis (who thinks he’s her soulmate) even if I am still pissed at Lexis for sending Rome off to get his memories swiped. She knew! (see what I mean? I’m pissed for real at fictional characters!-Damn you Gena Showalter for making me “feel” for these characters! You are an amazing writer and I think that this is an amazing series!)-yes I’m talking to GS as if she’ll ever read this 🙂
Anyways, if you have this book, READ IT NOW!!! I don’t think it’s been since Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series that I’ve felt this strongly about a book.


Roxanne rated it      


Oh my, there is so many good things to say about it I don’t know where to start! OK so Belle and Rome have just gotten engaged and are still madly in love. BUT Rome comes back from a mission and a guy called ‘Memory-Man’ has taken all the memories from him of Belle or anything to do with her (such as Tanner and Sherridan etc…) In enters evil bitch ex-wife Lexis! Oh this woman…I wanted to bitch slap her soooooooo many times. Rome wakes up in the hospital with Lexis and Belle there and he immediately turns to Lexis because he still thinks they are married breaking poor Belles heart (not to mention mine!) So this leads to Belles emotions going all haywire and fires/ice/dirt pies/tornadoes constantly being started.

Then we have flowers, chocolates and lingerie being sent to Belle by a ‘secret admirer’ now that she is no longer with Rome…but HRM who could it be! 😛 I loved the fact that Rome went all alpha cavemen style and did the whole ‘mine’ every time some1 showed interest in Belle even though he had no idea why. Made for some awkward and wonderful situations!

THEN we have ‘Desert Skank’ who is all about world domination and getting even with Belle for some reason. So on top of trying to get her fiance to remember her and away from the clutches of his bitch of an ex-wife, Belle has to try stop Desert Gal.

This book is full of action, cat fights, sexual tension and emotional highs and lows! I admit I was a little worried that things would not end like I wanted them too but the author has managed to pull of an amazing ending to an amazing series. Definitely worth 5 stars!

Tracy Burley

Tracy Burley rated it     

Just finished this and I’m a little sad only because Gena doesn’t know if there will be more in the series 🙁 So please have mercy on me and go out and buy this book!!!!! The more people buy this book the more chances there are for a third, fourth, fifth, and so on in this AWESOME series!!!

In this sequel we once again see Belle, by far my fave heroine in a long long time!! and the love of her existence Rome 🙂 Also Sherridan, Tanner, Alexis and a few more new characters. At the beginning of this story Belle is about to burn, freeze, cause a natural disaster if she doesn’t hear from Rome soon. Well as it turns out Rome was on a mission that didn’t turn out to well. He comes home but not the same Rome we know and love. He’s lost his memory, well, he’s lost all of his memories pertaining to Belle. This little problem throws a huge wrench into Belle’s plans to marry cat man. Through this story we see our incredible couple battle, love, and ultimately find the end of their story. I won’t give away much but these two are CRAZY 🙂

The end for me was a little to clean cut but I liked it none the less. I really do hope that this is a series. I love Rome and Belle. I find myself daydreaming alot about them, well, okay more Rome so but whatever 🙂

Definitely going to keep these books on my shelf for a very very long time 😉


Leah rated it      

Yet again, Gena Showalter delivers an adventurous, sexy, exciting novel. I was really excited when I heard that she was continuing with the Tales of an Extraordinary Girl series, and I really hope that there will be more to come.

Just from reading the description on the back, I knew this book was going to have me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I knew that for a lot of the novel I was going to be mad and I was right. Lexis foreseeing Rome being hurt and doing nothing so she could try and get him back? Memory Man stealing Rome’s memories of Belle? Lexis crushing Tanner (in the beginning) by unceremoniously breaking up with him? Belle forgiving Jean-Luc a.k.a. Memory Man so easily? All of it was unacceptable. I was also very happy throughout much of the novel, though. Belle and Rome being together, despite his memory loss. Tanner finding real love with Elaine. Sherridan and Cody falling for each other and finally settling down. One of my favorite parts, though, would have to be when Belle was being taken by the super strong guy and Rome attacked in his jaguar form. Pretty sexy. Oh, also when Belle was beating up Lexis. Way to go, Belle!

I think it’s needless to say that Gena Showalter knows what she’s doing. I love a book where the author makes me feel more than one emotion, like I said above: a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Complex characters draw me in and Gena continues to do that with every novel of hers that I read. And, of course, the sex scenes were great. Playing with Fire, the first novel in the Tales of an Extraordinary Girl series, was fantastic and I was impatiently waiting for Twice As Hot. After reading this book, the long wait no longer seems so bad. This is a book that I could read over and over again and still love. And still get angry about.


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