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~SO MUCH MORE THAN A ROMANCE FANTASY~If you enjoyed Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, you will LOVE this book. There is no swearing or sex in this series. Due to adult theme, it is Not intended for young YA readers. Genre is NEW ADULT/FANTASY/ROMANCE FANTASYAuthor M.E. Lorde creates a gripping story set in the earth’s future, where the youth of the world have the privilege and burden of saving humanity from extinction.Years before an apocalyptic event, a new means of travel is discovered. The modern technology comes just in the nick of time. Though none can return to a past-time in order to fix what men have destroyed, some candidates can now move forward to begin anew.Highly intelligent, Tolomay Ramey was trained since birth to do one thing… to lead others into the future of the ‘clean earth’ where both nature and mankind are given a fresh start. Leaving the pod community behind, she arrives as the only living ‘Original’ from the first team of candidates. The clean world, abundant with plant and animal life, is covered in green for the first time in hundreds of years.Unfortunately for this young girl and despite the beauty of the replenished earth, nothing she experiences from the moment she arrives is as expected. Alone for three years, until others finally join her, she learns to survive off the land, but that will not be what she finds most challenging. What will happen when a strong-headed young man arrives with the mindset that he should have been the first in this paradise? Can independent Tolomay and fiercely confident Kenter meet in the middle? Can the clean world become what it was intended to be for the new community, or will all thoughts of peace be left a thousand years in the past?(

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William O'Brien

William O’Brien rated it      

Superb 5*****

Tolomay’s World and The Pool of Light by M.E. LORDE

I was fortunate to be sent an Amazon gift card for this book – thank you!

A fantastically written story and without doubt will keep the reader gripped – not wanting to put this one down!
The story is encapsulating and the style the writer maintains displays great storytelling throughout the tale.

A wonderful scattering of sensitivities and romance from the softest thoughts to strong adventures to save mankind.
The futuristic setting is mysterious and Lorde develops the story of the 13 year old girl with superb detail and great flow.

A super start to a new series with well-rounded characters on a mission to thwart the dark in this dystopian fantasy.

Superb 5*****


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