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“NEPAL AIR DISASTER — NO SURVIVORS.” This newspaper headline transforms Tintin’s holiday into an extraordinary adventure. The little reporter learns that his friend, Chang, was in the aircraft that crashed, and that there were no survivors. Nevertheless, the strength of their friendship and some powerful and vivid dreams convince Tintin to set off to rescue Chang, whom he believes is still alive. Accompanied by his faithful companion, Captain Haddock, Tintin sets out for the site of the crash.The trek through the Himalayas is merciless. Despite several major setbacks and the fact that his companions seem to give up hope, Tintin’s faith is unshakable. Unfortunately, finding Chang is made even more difficult by the presence of the “Abominable Snowman” (the Yeti) — a mysterious, wild beast.

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Michael Gerald

Michael Gerald rated it      

Arguably the best Tintin book, Herge reportedly wrote it when he was going through a deep, personal crisis with his wife.

This time, the story does not involve an intricate and complex conspiracy, but a personal struggle, as Tintin and Captain Haddock go on an odyssey to Tibet to save a friend who was in a plane crash in the Himalayas. The book has great artwork and plot: the Himalayas are almost realistically drawn, as well as the buildings, statues and monks of Tibet. Herge is also said to have identified with the Yeti, the creature in the story. Herge succeeds in showing that the Yeti is not the Abominable Snowman that it is called, but one of almost human-like characters, one who is compassionate and more humane than some humans. Moving, personal, Herge at his best. A great read.


Virna rated it     

This is my dearest Tintin book, as I brought this all the way to my trip to China, Nepal and India! This would be a good traveling companion to Tibet, Nepal (Kathmandu and Bhaktapur) and India (New Delhi). Don’t forget to pose with a Tibetanchorten, Tibetan prayer flags, Boudhanath stupa (with the eye!), old temple of Bhaktapur, and the one I have yet to visit: Everest Base Camp and Potala Place of Tibet.


Soph rated it      

I once again let my brother convince me into reading another Tintin book! But this time, I wasn’t even slightly disappointed. THIS BOOK IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT.

Since my brother is the expert on Tintin, I will tell you what he said: That this book is one of the most emotional books out of all the Tintin novels. In this comic, Tintin experiences emotions for the first time (at least for the first time I’ve read, haha)! The emotional punch this book puts on you when he looks at the paper and finds out his friend Chang is dead… I WAS GOING TO CRY AND I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHY BECAUSE WHO THE HECK CRIES 5 PAGES INTO A COMIC??? (Luckily, I didn’t cry, because I never cry when I read novels– except for one book, The Last Ever After, of all books).

But this book takes you on an emotional journey of friendship, loss, and humour, specifically with Captain Haddock adding a bit of comic relief now and then (basically on every page– I especially loved the scene when he zipped his beard up in his sleeping bag. I couldn’t stop laughing at this, for some bizarre reason. Could have been that it was 1 in the morning).

And the ending… no one could have seen that coming! Well, at least not me. (view spoiler)

All-in-all, it was a wonderful book that I’d recommend to anyone.

Thanks to Bub for recommending this book– I hope to read more Tintin books in the future!


Maarten rated it      

A wonderfully gripping story about friendship and love. That is the simplest and best description I can come up with, even though zillions of books fit that description. But this is a special one. Because of the gorgeous ‘ligne claire’ drawing, the depth of the characters, the perfect pacing and build-up of the story (which has very little action but is rich in the typical Tintinesque elements like Captain Haddock’s humorous behaviour and the near impossible twists and turns and escapes) and also because of the surprising philosophical ending. It is a moving story for young and old, mixing fantastic elements with convincing realism. Read this and feast your eyes, and it will touch your heart, make you laugh and sit at the edge of your seat.


Annie rated it      

Blistering Barnacles! This is the issue that made me want to buy the whole box set. It’s lighthearted, quirky and a smartly composed comic where the reader journeys in a mini-escape into the world of Tin Tin where adventures abound. It’s definitely written for a younger audience as a lot of things just happen to happen and some things are left unexplained. None-the-less, I say it’s smartly written because of how Herge captures the cultural idiosyncrasies of Tibet so well within so few pages. It’s impressive. I’ve been to Tibet and I felt like I was walking through its mountain paths all over again. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s done with the others.


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