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Kevin Wake hates being rich. He despises everything his father stands for, but he can’t abandon his kid sister and baby brother. Their future is tied to his own. When his father threatens to rob them all of their mother’s legacy, Kevin takes bold action to protect what should be theirs.Megan Mully is out of the hospital at last. But she’s homeless, jobless, broke and alone. Love is the last thing on her mind. Kevin is just a means to an end. She never expected him to steal her heart!

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NaDell rated it     

Interesting premise to the story. The main guy character is given an ultimatum to find a bride before he’s 30 (and he doesn’t have much time) and the girl is recovering from a long hospital stay with no where to go and no one to help her. They find each other and put on their show to prove to everyone that they really do love each other and will get married and somehow it works!

Debra Martin

Debra Martin rated it     

What would you do to get out from under a crushing and massive debt? That’s the dilemma facing Megan Mully who is finally released from the hospital after a horrific car accident. She’s homeless and jobless and desperate–never a good combination. When she answers an ad for a companion, she meets millionaire Kevin Wake. He has a problem with a deadline and Megan is the perfect answer. Kevin agrees to help Megan with her debt and she agrees to Kevin’s request to become his “temporary” wife.

This is a sweet marriage of convenience story. Megan is a saucy character with a mind of her own and how she handles Kevin’s quirky family is quite unique. I loved Kevin’s sister and how Megan interacted with her. The author definitely gave some thought to developing the secondary characters. They help flesh out an already enjoyable story. If you’re looking for an romance with a few twists along the way, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. It’s a quick read, but will definitely put a smile on your face. It’s a delightful way to spend a lazy afternoon.


Jennette rated it     

A fun read, a little bit predictable but it was fun none the less. I liked the siblings and how Megan charms them. I liked that in spite of being raised in life a privilege Kevin still knows the value of people and possessions and the difference between the two. I like that he isn’t one of those men that can’t say how he feels. I think Kevin’s ease with his feelings is the biggest surprise of the whole story. I liked a lot about the characters and that is what pushes this from ordinary to 4 stars for me.


Busybeth76 rated it      

Delightful kindness over meaness

Megan Mully has had some tough times and overcome some serious challenges. She’s having to start over, with basically only her drivers license and $40 to her name. So when she answers an ad to be a personal secretary, she’s desperate for the job. The “job” sounds as sketchy when explained as when she read the ad. But Kevin Fineman Wake is young, handsome, earnest and also desperate. He needs to be married in a week to protect his mother’s family inheritance from his greedy, grasping and mean father. He needs Megan to marry him, now. She needs to eliminate her crushing debt. Can they negotiate a solution? Can they help his family, including his eccentric mom, sister & brother, overcome their own fears and suspicions and stop his father’s power grab? Can they learn to work together and find strength and love to overcome the evil that faces them? Fortunately Megan breathes fresh life into the Fineman Ranch. Her honesty, integrity and empathy ignites Kevin to do what’s right. Wonderful story of goodness overcoming greed and love conquering all.


Linda rated it      

KEVIN needs a bride, quickly, so that he can claim his inheritance. MEGAN needs money to pay off her extensive medical bills. Their relationship begins as simply a business arrangement, but rapidly becomes more … especially when Kevin sees how Megan interacts with his eccentric teenage sister and his withdrawn little brother.

I appreciate a good, clean, contemporary romance. I will definitely be adding more of Ms Duke’s books to my To-Read list.


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