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The twins of prophecy have been divided—the end has begun.AlcatrazAlthough their ally Dr. John Dee has been declared utlaga, Machiavelli and Billy the Kid will follow the plans the Elders have laid before them: they will loose the monsters of Alcatraz on the city of San Francisco, thereby triggering the end of the human race.Danu Talis:The Shadowrealm that Scatty and Joan of Arc have entered is far more dangerous than they could ever have imagined. And they haven’t landed here by chance—the warriors were called for a reason. So were Saint-Germain, Palamedes, and Shakespeare. The group was summoned because they must travel back int time to Danu Talis to destroy it. For the island of Danu Talis, known in humani myth as the lost city of Atlantis, must fall if the modern world is to exist.San FranciscoThe end is finally near. Josh Newman has chosen a side, and he will not stand with his sister, Sophie, or with the Alchemyst, Nicholas Flamel. He will fight alongside Dee and the mysterious Virginia Dare.Unless Sophie can find her twin before the battle begins, all is lost—forever.

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Cathy rated it     

Loved the book. The small chapters and the movement from one group of characters to the next keep the story moving at a nice pace. I enjoyed all the revealed “info” – and several of them were quite surprising. Am anxiously awaiting the final book – to find out how everything ties together. Another great book that I enjoyed reading. I still could use a reference book as a companion to the series so that I could keep better track of all the characters, places, and monsters.

Finished Reading:

1st Time: Aug 10, 2011
2nd Time: Mar 15, 2013


Nat rated it      

Oh My God. This book is nothing short of incredible. I couldn’t believe how well Michael Scott brought everythign together.
The one thing I have to put in writing just as proof that I actually said it. Now, I don’t know if I’m just slow on the uptake and everyone already knows, or if I’m crazy and totally shooting blind but I think Josh is the hook-handed man. There, I said it. If you think I’m crazy read the series again and look for the connection. The mans knowledge, physical appearence, and actions points towards Josh trying to make things right.It’s like him doing all of this will make up the mistake he made (personally I think he is trying to get Sophie to forgive him for how he betrayed her). Sorry if I wasted your time, but I needed to rant about this.
I adored this novel, it was by far the most exciting because all of the pieces are finally coming together. I hated it when got to the last page and was left hanging, it better not be another year I don’t think I could last that long.


Aneeqah rated it     

New law: “Books can not end in a dead-end cliff hanger, with an ending that completly shocks you and makes you want to throw the book on the ground, and then the next book comes out in a year.” I know a bunch of people who would second it. And obviously, that’s how this book ends!

The one bad thing about this book is that all the POV’s are kinda hard to follow with. Plus, when you’re reading about Sophie, and you just want to continue reading about her, it switches to Dr. Dee or something, making it sorta frustrating. Which, I guess, keeps you hooked.

I think I’m going to have to re-read this one. I read through it so fast, trying to get to the end. Now, I think I’ll slow down and absorb everything.

Loved it thouh! =) (Even though I almost damaged a brand-new book with a pretty cover)

Jamie Krakover

Jamie Krakover rated it      

The Warlock, the 5th installment of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series is the best one yet! Michael Scott has certainly outdone himself on this one! This book is full of action and surprises at every twist and turn of the story, and you will find yourself zooming through its pages to find out what happens next. All the old favorites have returned to the adventure as well as some new and interesting additions.

The start of the book picks up right where The Necromancer left off. The twins have parted ways, Sophie with the swordsman Niten and Josh with the evil Dr. John Dee and Cunning Virginia Dare who are being hunted by the elders. Perry is concerned for her husband Nicholas, and the mysterious Witch of Endor is about to give the world back a warlock. Marethyu has assembled his army of Joan, Germain, Shakespeare Palamedes and the fearsome warrior maiden Scathach and taken them back to Danu Talis. Danu Talis is breathtaking and exciting, while the events about to occur on Alcatraz are heart stopping! Will Billy and Machiavelli unleash the creatures on Alcatraz and send them to destroy San Francisco? What will happen on Danu Talis? Will Josh and Sophie learn more magic? Many questions have been asked and numerous answers await you in this wonderful book!

If you are a fan of the series The Warlock does not disappoint and if you haven’t yet read the series, an amazing adventure awaits you starting with the Alchemyst! What are you waiting for?

Jennifer Jimenez

Jennifer Jimenez rated it     

9/12/17 So, another one of my predictions came through in one of the series’ big reveals/twists! #3. It makes sense to me, as little things gave it away as I was reading.

Still enjoying the plot, and really enjoying all the different things they can do with magic. I like all the elders in the book, and am looking forward to reading the conclusion. A solid 4 on this one, since it was mostly filler.

9/11/17: Here are my predictions before I finish this book: 

Still enjoying the plot, and really enjoying all the different things they can do with magic. I like all the elders in the book, and am looking forward to reading the conclusion. A solid 4 on this one, since it was mostly filler.

9/11/17: Here are my predictions before I finish this book:


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