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Rogue Hunter:An Immortal Who Protects The World From Renegade VampiresSamantha Willan is a workaholic lawyer. She’s grateful for some rest and relaxation in cottage country, and after a recent breakup she wants to stay as far away from romance as possible. Then she meets her irresistible new neighbor. There’s something strange and mysterious about his eyes. Is it just her imagination, or are they locked on her neck?Garrett Mortimer is a rogue hunter. His last assignment united Lucian Argeneau with his lifemate, and Mortimer is hoping this one will be less…adventurous. He’s here to track down a reported rogue, but fun in the sun is every bloodsucker’s nightmare. Worse, he can’t seem to get his mind off Samantha, especially when he spies her skinny-dipping in the lake. After eight hundred years as a bachelor, is he ready to turn a volatile attraction into a lasting love affair?

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Ellena deLeon

Ellena deLeon rated it      

Lyndsay Sands is one of the premier writers of paranormal romance and action series!

I’ve had this book and series for quite some time and just realized that I haven’t left a review! Let me change that then! This book compounds upon the previous books of this series and the characters are mentioned in then as well and I have loved reading about the characters adventures and the things that they go through to gain the most important person to the immortal which is their lifemate!!! I’m recommending this book and series to everyone and I know that you will love reading about these amazing and wonderful characters!!!

One of Your Greatest Fans,

Lena deLeon

Danielle Urban

Danielle Urban rated it     

Tough love…

The Rogue Hunter by Lynsay Sands is amazing. It’s about a vampire cop who hunts rogue vampires meeting his life mate. Life mates only happen in rare occasions. This life mate is mortal and she has a lot to give up, if she does decide to become her vampire lover’s life mate. She would need to turn into a vampire or else lose him forever…

This book had some humor, tons of action, risks, and hot sex scenes. I love these Argeneau Vampires. They know how to heat up the pages. I was hooked from the beginning. This particular book didn’t make me laugh as much as the previous ones; however, it was still just as entertaining. Overall, I recommend this paranormal romance to all.

I received this copy from the publisher. This is my voluntary review.


Sian rated it      

Another great read !!!

I liked that i had been introduced to Mortimer in some of the previous books and even though he wasn’t really part of the family, it was a nice change to see the friends surrounding the family.

I loved how close Samantha was with her sisters and i also liked the fact that she wasn’t the typical type of girl you usually read in stories, as well as the constant ear infections she seemed to keep getting. I liked the fact that she had a less than perfect life but made the most of it and actually had goals and ambitions. I felt that work always came first with Samantha but enjoyed that it seemed part of the story.

Although Mortimer got me a little cheesed off with his character for the whole judging a person by their looks, it was sort of a good thing that he fell for her as a whole (faults and all). Once Mortimer came around about Samantha being his mate i actually enjoyed how he only cared about her. I loved how Mortimer made Samantha laugh and enjoy life.

I also liked Samantha’s reaction about Mortimer being a vampire and how the vampire friends were on hand to help. I also enjoyed how even though work was always on the back burner, it didn’t interrupt how the relationship progressed.

This was a good read and even though it seemed to be building about a rogue vampire, it was a nice change that in this case it was a misunderstanding. I also liked that the main characters in this book seemed to compromise about their futures and do the best to make each other happy.

Although this book isn’t one of the favourites for me, it was still a good addition to the series and one that i know i will end up re reading in the future.

Robin Reynolds

Robin Reynolds rated it     

This book deviated from the Argeneau family, featuring an unrelated immortal as the hero. Garrett Mortimer hunts rogue immortals for the Council, along with his partners, Bricker and Decker. They are sent to “cottage country” to look for a rogue vamp, as several humans have been spotted in the area with bite marks on their necks.

Samantha Willan and her two sisters are vacationing in a neighboring cottage. Sam is the usual Sands’ heroine, plucky and sassy and strong, though a recent breakup with a longtime boyfriend has left her with low self-esteem.

Sam appears to be very clumsy, which thoroughly disgusts Mortimer when he realizes he can’t read her and she could be his life mate. She stumbles and falls a lot – in fact, he thinks she’s a drinker at first. Turns out to be a stubborn inner ear infection causing her equilibrium to be off. Wouldn’t an inner ear infection be painful? Sam is only in pain when she falls. But maybe not all ear infections are painful. I’m too lazy to research that though.

The book is enjoyable, but not as much as the ones before it. I expected more about the actual hunt for the rogue, and when that storyline was resolved it was sort of a let down. This book had less danger, less bite, shall we say, than some of the previous entries in the series. When I read the next book, The Immortal Hunter, my expectations will be lower and I’ll keep in mind that this series is basically light, fluffy romances.


CupcakeBlonde rated it     

Since I had read the Argeneau book that features Sam’s sister Alex first out of this series, it was refreshing to go back and read this one and see how the Willian sisters got involved with the immortals. Now I’ll have to go back to Hungry For You after I read about Jo and finally be all caught up with everything.

I liked this book but it didn’t hold a lot of the spark that others in this series has held for me. It was still good and enjoyable and I sped through it like I do all these delicious books, but this story line was just a bit lacking. Mortimer was a good leading man, and I had liked him in Lucian’s book. I guess my only real issue was with Sam. I know her thing is that she is supposed to be this smart lawyer but is really insecure about herself physically, but I got tired of hearing her described as Olive Oyl. I guess I just didn’t have that picture of her in my head. Maybe because I know how she ends up in Hungry For You.

The rouge storyline and wayward spoiled rich girl plot just seemed like filler, but I guess we needed reasons to throw these two together. I look forward to how Jo finds her life mate and then can rehash Alex’s journey, finally making the sisters together all as immortals.


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