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Long ago, before history broke in half, elder gods exiled the vengeful deity Erynis to a far corner of Earth. When Ryn is found weakened after saving the life of an innocent villager, the U.S. military mistakes the battered immortal for a feral teenager and places her in New Petersburg, a decaying city full of monsters. In her clash with the city’s demons, Ryn is confused by her intense emotional connection with Naomi Bradford, a senator’s daughter she has sworn to protect. But while her claws can kill anything that dies (and a few things that cannot), she must also contend with the human race. They lie, they speak in riddles, and to protect her friend, the immortal must navigate the senseless rules of their flawed civilization. Worse, they are fragile—and giving her heart to one makes Ryn afraid for the first time in her eternal life.

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Alexis rated it      

Serious trigger warnings at the end of this review.
I need a 100% fluffy read after this!

I’m honestly stunned having finished this book. After the sheer amount of violence that happened just in chapter 1 to an innocent little girl I really wondered if I would be able to finish reading this. Imagine my surprise when it’s 1AM and i’m seriously thinking about pulling an all-nighter because I didn’t want to put it down.

Exceptionally well written, this is part 1 of the story of a how an Old Testament monster falls in love with a New Testament saint (according to the authors website). Overflowing with moments of violence and action it also has a lot of surprisingly sweet moments between Ryn and Naomi. The first time for instance when Ryn tried hot chocolate reminds me lot of when ‘death’ tried peanut butter in ‘Meet Joe Black’.

Even some of the secondary characters made me fall for them. The book however ends with a 4,5* rating and not the full five stars because of the sheer amount of sexual violence written throughout. From what I understand from the authors facebook page they are aiming to be finished by August with book 2 and I for one can hardly wait!

Trigger warnings: (gang)rape, pedophilia, torture, stalking, drugs, murder etc etc this by no means is a lighthearted read!


Carrie rated it      

It’s a cruel world

I got this through Kindle Unlimited, but I will make sure to purchase. Books this good deserve that type of support.

From the opening scene, you are thrown into an intriguing and mysterious modern day world where God’s and Monsters exist.

I grew to love Ryn and couldn’t help but root for her as she gradually acclimated to mortal ways.

The love story is sweet and dangerous but felt inexplicably meant to be.

Action/fight scenes were rightfully exciting and gory.

I cried because it was all so emotional.

This is going right to my favorites.

And I see it is first of a potential series! I will read about Ryn until the end of days.


Michele rated it      

Why oh why did I leave this book on my to read list for so long?!? Especially with so many Goodreads friends recommending it. Really this is one of the best books I’ve read all year. I’m not even going to give it a long review because it’s late and my eyes are raw from reading it in one sitting. Also, I would not do it as good a justice as my fellow Goodreads friends. All I can say is READ THIS BOOK because its fanfuckingtastic…PERIOD!!


Kristin rated it      

Wow! For a book that seem to a YA urban fantasy this is seriously hardcore. To be fair our kick ass heroin is an immortal and had lived for who know how long. And when I say hardcore, I mean it. The villains that are portrayed here are seriously twisted, and deservingly so is the way Ryn killed them(more like eat them. Soo.. yeah twisted, yet I can’t stop turning the pages even if I tried.).

This is a book about Gods and monsters and evil spirits. Ryn is a monster/deva who had lived away from humans in uninhabited parts of the Earth. Until unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances led her to live amongst humans. She is pretty much like an anti-hero. So, there are lots of cool action scenes and serious thrilling moments. And then, there’s Naomi. As you might have guessed, yes, Ryn fell for her. But the cool thing about this book is that, someone bigger is at play and it keeps us wondering if everything that was happening is part of a bigger plan. And the author did a wonderful job of making us wonder all this only at the last few pages. Who won’t want to read the next part after such an ending?


CLo rated it      

Wow…just wow!

I was really skeptical to read this as paranormal type books aren’t really my favortie and I have to be in the mood to read them but wow…just wow. From the beginning the books grabs you and you just cannot stop reading. Occasionally it loosens it grip to let you breath a bit just then grips you just as tight. Ryn (who for a while I thought was pronounced Ryan until I realized tue group home spelled it Rin…but I think I like Ryan better lol) is just a great flushed out character. She’s lost when it comes to humans (interactions, idioms, actions) but her thought process has always been black and white until she meets Naomi…then almost everything changes. Naomi is pretty much the opposite of Ryn and they balance each other out really well. Also, Denise was a great secondary character. I actually thought she might have a crush on Naomi and didn’t like her at all at first but I really did toward the middle/end of the book.
Read this. It was really great and I look forward to the next one in the series.


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