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Two Truths and a Lie. The girls played it all the time in their tiny cabin at Camp Nightingale. Vivian, Natalie, Allison, and first-time camper Emma Davis, the youngest of the group. The games ended when Emma sleepily watched the others sneak out of the cabin in the dead of night. The last she—or anyone—saw of them was Vivian closing the cabin door behind her, hushing Emma with a finger pressed to her lips.Now a rising star in the New York art scene, Emma turns her past into paintings—massive canvases filled with dark leaves and gnarled branches that cover ghostly shapes in white dresses. The paintings catch the attention of Francesca Harris-White, the socialite and wealthy owner of Camp Nightingale. When Francesca implores her to return to the newly reopened camp as a painting instructor, Emma sees an opportunity to try to find out what really happened to her friends.Yet it’s immediately clear that all is not right at Camp Nightingale. Already haunted by memories from fifteen years ago, Emma discovers a security camera pointed directly at her cabin, mounting mistrust from Francesca and, most disturbing of all, cryptic clues Vivian left behind about the camp’s twisted origins. As she digs deeper, Emma finds herself sorting through lies from the past while facing threats from both man and nature in the present.And the closer she gets to the truth about Camp Nightingale, the more she realizes it may come at a deadly price.

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Emily (Books with Emily Fox)

Emily (Books with Emily Fox) rated it     

Well well well… no alcoholic wife that just got out of the coma with a cheating husband??

But seriously this was really good! Perfect summer read too since it happens at a summer camp.

Fifteen years ago, 3 girls disappeared at Camp Nightingale. When it finally reopens Emma goes back as a instructor to try and figure out what happened to her friends.

Who did it? Is Emma crazy? I didn’t see some twists coming and it was intriguing!

Would recommend!

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Lala BooksandLala

Lala BooksandLala rated it     

Low key summer camp mystery. Atmospheric AF. Unexpected little twists throughout. 4/5 would recommend.


Barbie rated it      

This was my first book from Riley Sager, and I definitely want to read more from him. The Last Time I Lied is my first 5 stars book in 2019. Absolutely one of my favorite thriller.

The plot has everything that’s gripping the reader; creepy summer camp in the woods, vanished girls, lot of dirty secrets, and more lies. Everything started 15 years ago when 4 girls shared one cabin in Camp Nightingale. But one night three of them vanished. Emma nowadays is a painter and returns to the camp as an instructor to find out what happened 15 years ago. Who knows…
The book has two timelines, one is in the present and the other is in the past. This gave me constant stress, Riley Sager did a great job. I couldn’t put it down!

I love the “two truths, one lie” game that the girls play in the whole story. I’ve never been able to decide which one is right. The pacing was really good. It was slow, but it was really tense.

I loved the main character Emma. She was unreliable, but I sympathize with her. What I loved the most was the camp atmosphere. It was so spooky! The camp was haunted at night, I was so scared when the girls walked out from their cabin in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t have been there. Brrr.

The book’s ending was shocking. I can’t figure out what will happen. In the end were 3 big twist that I didn’t expect at all. When I read it, I was so traumatized that I just blinked on my kindle for long minutes. I couldn’t believe what happened! I love these types of endings.

This book is my new favorite. If you are looking for a gripping, exciting thriller please read this!

Mary Beth

Mary Beth  rated it      

Five Solid Shiny Stars

Emma Davis goes away to summer camp at Camp Nightingale. She shares a cabin with three other girls, Vivian, Natalie, and Alison. She learns how to play a game, Two Truths And A Lie. They play it All the time. All three girls disappear without a trace in the woods at night time.

Fifteen years later the camp reopens and Emma returns as a painting instructor and finds an opportunity to try to find out what really happened to her friends, that has haunted her. Emma is assigned to the same cabin she slept in as a teenager. She finds a security camera pointing
directly at her cabin. She also finds the word liar in red paint on the front door. The closer she gets to the truth about Camp Nightingale, the more she realizes it may come at a deadly price.

This book was a big surprise. Now I want to read Final Girls. This was a creepy spooky read.
This book goes back and forth from the past and present. It goes back 15 years ago, when Emma was a teenager to the present.
This is my favorite psychological thriller for this year.

This book was done so well. It was a little dark but it wasn’t graphic. It is a thriller with a little bit of horror. It is a phenomenal mystery. There are lots of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It kept me guessing and guessing, and the ending just shocked me.
I hooked straight from the beginning to the very end. The characters were done so well and I loved the writing style.
I highly recommend it.

This was a Traveling Sister read and it was a great discussion which made this a great reading experience.

I want to thank Edelweiss, Dutton, and Riley Sager for the copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews

Creepy good, Creepy spooky, Creepy wow!

The Last Time I Lied had all the elements to make this a spooky, creepy good read. I loved the camp setting, eerie lake, game of truth and lies and the mystery of three girls that go missing in the night.

I loved the atmosphere of the camp setting and Riley Sager does a great job setting the feel with the descriptive writing making the camp setting come alive in my head. At times it felt like a movie playing out in my mind.

Riley Sager does a good job layering those secrets and lies and creating those twists and turns at just the right time. He took me down a path a twisty path, leaving those clues along the way, In the end, the story skillfully comes together leaving me wanting to sure my excitement over this one with the Traveling Sisters in this group read. Every time someone finished the excitement started all over it again. Almost like a party! We highly recommend it.

Thank you so much to Edelweiss, Dutton Publishing, and Riley Sager for the opportunity to read an and review an advanced copy of this book

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