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The Hollisters, a bright, spirited, wholesome family, are compelled to move into the country. After many efforts to secure a home, Shirley, eldest of the Hollisters, contrives a way out by renting a magnificent old stone barn at a ridiculously low price, transforming it into a house. The owner of the barn is not an ordinary landlord, as you will see, for he is a young man with fine ideals, and he is not content with establishing Shirley and her family in the quaintly beautiful old place, but makes the world a much happier place to live in for all of them.

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Duane rated it     

I have read 12 of Hill’s books; she wrote over 100, and the Enchanted Barn is one of my favorites. All her novels are simple, sweet, family oriented, with a hint of religion, but they are well written with good plots and varied settings. This one is about a family, soon to be homeless, who find an old stone barn, located just outside the city, to live in. They fix it up with the help of the rich farm owner and the farmer has a son and the family has a daughter (Shirley) and, well, you get the idea.


Yue rated it     

A nice little book, which I would categorize as in the same genre of Louisa May Alcott; about a kind and poor family that stick together and see the best of everything. It is their kindness and bravery that captivate a wealthy family; and of course, the barn, who in this story plays the same role as the garden in The Secret Garden.

Yes, people are all too nice; story is highly unrealistic and life gets too easy for the Hollister once Shirley meets Sidney; it is easily one of those “young, handsome, rich guy saves the poor, innocent, strong girl” type of romance, but it is nice to read one of these when it is not overly saccharine and when it gives some nostalgic feelings.

Except for the Christian’s songs (which I skipped) and the overuse of the word “little” (little girl, little brick house, little thin purse.. everything is little so it may be impossible for the reader to NOT feel sorry and compassionate for these characters), I liked this book very much and I am certain it would have been one of my favorites if I had read this when I was a teen. I was, after all, a huge fan of Frances Hodgson Burnett and Louisa May Alcott.


Denise rated it     

I really enjoyed this book. It was a sweet look back at the early 1900’s, involving a young secretary,Shirley, her widowed mother and four brothers and sisters. The family must move out of their cramped apartment as the owner is building a new apartment complex. Since they are very poor, the Hollister family has limited options for another home and time is running out. Shirley discovers a barn out in the country one day when traveling by trolley, thinking it might be exactly what they need for a new home. She finds out who owns the place and promptly goes to see him to ask about renting the barn. Of course, it happens to be a handsome, wealthy young man who has some interest in Shirley. Ta-da! The beginning of a beautiful romance.

I am so glad to find books like this for the Kindle. Thank you Amazon. I have come to appreciate the books I can get on my Kindle for free.

Gina Hott

Gina Hott rated it      

A very sweet story about a family in such dire straights that they have chosen to live in a barn.
Father has just died. Mother is extremely ill. The house they have been renting will be demolished shortly. As the eldest of five children it is Shirley’s responsibility to ensure that a new home is provided. How is she to do that? Because of a death in the firm, Shirley is given a half day off and she, perhaps unwisely, uses it to take a ride to the country hoping that a home will just appear. Yet the most peaceful spot she finds is at a barn. She falls in love and decides that it must do – at least, if she can get the owner to rent it.

This is a novel of enduring romance that is permeated with the characters love of the almighty inserted in the forefront.
Rating: A


Julia rated it     

I really enjoyed “The Enchanted Barn.” Shirley is a courageous, smart, humble young woman who financially supports (barely) her invalid mom and younger siblings, and tries to find a home for them when their dilapidated apartment house is scheduled for demolition. She spots a beautiful old stone barn out in the country, and thus begins the grand adventure of making it liveable, and getting to know her landlord and his family. She quietly shares her faith and lives it out with integrity and joy. (view spoiler) She gets kidnapped after taking down in shorthand a highly sensitive conversation about a government contract for her boss, and her cool head during this terrifying episode is remarkable. I listened to this as a free audiobook from


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