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Dear Reader, If you are looking for a story about cheerful youngsters spending a jolly time at boarding school, look elsewhere. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are intelligent and resourceful children, and you might expect that they would do very well at school. Don’t. For the Baudelaires, school turns out to be another miserable episode in their unlucky lives. Truth be told, within the chapters that make up this dreadful story, the children will face snapping crabs, strict punishments, dripping fungus, comprehensive exams, violin recitals, S.O.R.E., and the metric system. It is my solemn duty to stay up all night researching and writing the history of these three hapless youngsters, but you may be more comfortable getting a good night’s sleep. In that case, you should probably choose some other book. With all due respect,Lemony Snicket

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emma rated it      


Yes, technically this is the fifth book in the series, but to me, it is the very first.

This is the book when I really start to love this series, which, in case you are new to my reviews or have been otherwise purposefully ignoring my Snicket-related screeching, is my favorite in the world.

This book introduces V.F.D., my favorite combination of three letters in the universe. Over such fan favorites as “eat” and “bye.” This book also introduces the Quagmire triplets, who, in addition to being completely great on their own merit, in turn introduce a complex world of fatal fires and imperiled fortunes. The setting of Prufrock Prep is great. The cast of characters is great, and, with a few notable exceptions, pretty nuanced.

Count Olaf is probably at his most villainous here, because he is a Gym Teacher Who Forces Children To Run Laps. What could be more completely godawful than that??????? Full-on evil.

Also, “austere” has been my favorite word for years, and I learned it from this title. Mad bonus points for that.



Vanz rated it     


The best ASOUE book I’ve read so far. I love how the story is starting to have a bit of depth in it. For instance, we were introduced to the Quagmire twins (supposed to be triplets) who were also orphans whose parents died in a fire along with their third sibling. Vice Principal Nero was also very despicable, as well as the cheeky Carmelita Spats. Basically, the misfortunes of the Baudelaires are getting worse in every book. The vocabulary was excellent, it has characters that could potentially still be around in future books, and it gives the series new places to go. A book in the series you should look forward to! Now I’m off to read the sixth book (and probably the last one I’ll read since I just decided to take a break from this series) – “The Ersatz Elevator”.

Kat Thomas

Kat Thomas rated it     

As a series these books are incredible. The formulaic plot that is repeated in every book satisfies the child who is being read to’s expectation of what’s going on, right and wrong and the band of simple characters.

Where the books become really clever is the additional bits of plot woven into the anecdotes, dedications and acknowledgments, written for the older reader, whether parents reading aloud or older children.

The humour is clever, beautifully insightful and infinitely quotable. Type Lemony Snicket quotes into any search engine and you will receive a barrage of hilarious snippets which readers of any age can appreciate. The beautiful sense of innocence is what I love about the books as well as the introduction of long words and the imaginative anecdotes to which they pertain. Although the actual definition of the words is sometimes glossed over, I assume the intention is to entertain the older readers and intrigue the younger ones into asking what they mean.

Overall Lemony Snicket (real name Daniel Handler) uses the fact that he is writing a book to his advantage more than anyone else I have read. His tone of voice is unique and wonderful. He plays with the words on the page, often inviting readers to skip chapters, find out more, answer questions or search for hidden meanings. In one instance, being unable to describe just how black the tunnel was, he illustrates his point by colouring the next two pages in black ink.

His love of books comes through in every sentence often using them as a device to tell between good and evil.

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” Lemony Snicket

Ashley Daviau

Ashley Daviau rated it      

These books are so addictive, I’m totally absorbed in the Baudelaire’s world and I’m absolutely loving it! Despite these books being totally depressing and grim, I just can’t get enough of them! I especially enjoyed this book because it introduces the Quagmires and V.F.D. which adds a whole new aspect to the series. And I still can’t get over how ridiculously blind the adults in this series are, it’s quite hilarious actually! I’ve said it in a review for one of the previous books in the series but I’ll say it again, I’m so thoroughly enjoying my reread of this series. It feels like I’m revisiting my childhood and that is such an amazing feeling!


Liam rated it     

I’m not surprised I was so addicted to these books when I was younger, they’re super addictive! When season 1 of the Netflix show ended where it did I literally had to reread this because I can’t wait much longer for the next season!!

Feel like this book’s plot is quite simple compared to the others and not a great deal happens, but Count Olaf’s wicked plan still hit me hard. I found myself getting pretty emotional at times because we get to see the Baudelaire’s happy with their new found friends and then it just all goes bad again as always!!!

Definitely going to have to carry on rereading this series now, it’s just so compelling and I need answers!!!


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