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From the Introduction: “In 1970, Bruce sustained a rather sever injury to his back. His doctors ordered him to discontinue the practice of martial arts and to remain in bed to allow his back heal. This was probably the most trying and dispiriting time in Bruce’s life. He stayed in bed, virtually flat on his back for six months, but he couldn’t keep his mind from working – the result of which is this book.” Linda Lee “Jeet Kune Do, you see, has no definite lines or boundaries – only those you make yourself.” Gilbert L Johnson

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Stacey Tee-Bagang

Stacey Tee-Bagang rated it      

I was twelve and it was my birthday. My mom gave me some money and told me I could buy whatever I could with it as her present for me. After school, I went to a bookstore and bought a paperback of this literary work of art. It’s good to revisit this book once more now that I’m 33. If Bruce Lee achieved so much that actors his age weren’t able to, it’s because his growth mindset, drive, and passion for his work enabled him to thrive in his colourful but sadly, short life.

Give this book a read to get a glimpse of how the amazing Bruce Lee was as a mentor.

Sagar Acharya

Sagar Acharya rated it      

One of the best books out there.

This book is a compilation of Bruce Lee’s notes on martial arts and his way of life. It contains his philosophy of being formless, of not clinging to patterns, and completely harmonizing with environment(everything except you). Bruce had read about 2000 books (I doubt this!) in his lifetime(33 years) which makes him a huge reader himself. As a practitioner of martial arts at highest levels, there’s no doubt he had mastered physical as well as mental aspects of life. One can recognize this by his notes.

About 20% into the book all the way to 80%, the stances of martial arts, types of punches, hooks, parries, kicks, movement are shown in extreme detail (especially the basic patterns). Some tactics and compound moves and the thinking that goes into them are explained in detail by Bruce himself. He explains muscle movements of keeping some stiff and some loose and stiffening at the right moments to transfer maximum momentum to the attacks. It’s ideal in the way that just the absolute basic tools are mentioned without strict further patterns.

Jeet Kun Do is not a new martial art. It shows to learn from each disciplines and not get attached to it and is completely OPEN-SOURCE. You can modify it and name your art. In fact that is exactly what Jun Fan (Bruce’s Chinese name) wants, that you take it and customize fighting style to your body and use every aspect without having any form.

“If people say Jeet Kun Do if different from ‘this’ or from ‘that’, then let the name of Jeet Kun Do be wiped out, for that is what it is, just a name. Please don’t fuss over it.” – Bruce Lee


Sohini rated it     

I was always fascinated by the intermingling of religion and philosophies with the art of movement and this book has definitely managed to satisfy that craving. It’s a book on the martial art form of Jeet Kune Do which includes heavy text on the form and training for this art while also talking about the mental and philosophical aspect of embedding the practice of martial arts in the day to day lifestyle.

This is not a how-to book but rather a manual that involves diagrams and theory for applied combat while also talking about the essence of the art form. I could draw a lot of parallels to breaking because breaking is heavily inspired by kung fu movies and I could definitely see how the dance form came about.

This is a book that feels like a martial art movie- the book is Mr. Miyagi and you are the student. You are given the wisdom to better your life but only if you want to.

I will definitely be re-reading this book because it hits all the soft spots for me- wisdom about movement, mind, and the philosophy that embodies it all.

Raymond Strodl

Raymond Strodl rated it      

I have just finished re reading this excellent book on the true essence of the martial arts.

For a practitioner of any martial arts this books is an excellent add on to your existing training and development but this is no free standing how to do JKD type of book. I don’t think any how to books are complete with out the input form an excellent teacher.

This book will take the partitioner who has trained for some time into areas of the martial arts they never expected and it will destroy al lot of long held preconceived ideas about effective martial arts technique.

Bruce Lee was a wonderful martial artist and this work provides insight into his ideas and thinking of martial arts and his philosophy on life.


Naja rated it      

This is a beautiful book of philosophy from a man widely considered to be the greatest martial artist in recorded history. The first half of the book is for anyone to read and contains some of the soaring wisdom Bruce acquired in his lifetime of work in the martial arts. Perhaps his originality and understandability in a language not native to him was aided by his formal Western education in philosophy, because equally important in a book of philosophy is ability to give expression to that wisdom in eloquently written English, and here, Bruce Lee definitely stands up to the task.

However, the second part of the book is only for experienced fighters (of any style). He expresses his thoughts about stances and timing and counter attacks, etc. that don’t mean much to someone who isn’t already quite a seasoned fighter.

So in short, this is a great book with at least a little bit of something for everyone! One of my new favorites for sure.


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