Strong Woman: Ambition, Grit and a Great Pair of Heels Book reviews


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Karren Brady is Britain’s best-known business woman. An inspiration to women everywhere, her incredible success is borne of her passion, impressive business instinct, ambition, and her very genuine, honest, down-to-earth outlook.This is her story… how she started out as a sparky 18 year old selling advertising space and how she went on to persuade David Sullivan, at the age of 23 to buy a football club – turning that business round to sell it for an incredible £82 million 12 years later. How she balances her personal life with her professional, her priorities, her life as mother of two and wife. How she coped when doctors told her after a routine scan that she had a brain anheurysm, that she must have a complicated operation immediately and had a 30% chance of not surviving, and how it has since influenced her outlook and priorities.An overwhelmingly inspiring and real look at work and life, Karren Brady defies convention as a directional business woman in a male industry. This is how she does it, and through her experience, her drive and her skills – it’s a brilliant insight into how you can do it too.

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Heather rated it     

Nothing groundbreaking in here and it’s quite a self indulgent book for Baroness Brady. She really revels in her successes which is all fine but her tone is quite boastful. Having said that it has encouraged me to be more focused on my job and to overcome obstacles on my own that colleagues put in my way to prevent me from growing. It has made me think about my own successes and striving for them more. The apprentice and her time at Channel 4 and Mothercare are entertaining. I would be interested to know what she thinks of Philip Green now.


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