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Love your work, work for what you love, and change the world—all at the same time. What matters most to you? Should you focus on earning a living, pursuing your passions, or devoting yourself to the causes that inspire you? The surprising truth is that you don’t have to choose—and that you’ll find more success if you don’t. That’s the breakthrough message of TOMS’ One for One movement. You don’t have to be rich to give back and you don’t have to retire to spend every day doing what you love. You can find profit, passion, and meaning all at once—right now.    In Start Something That Matters, Blake Mycoskie tells the story of TOMS, one of the fastest-growing shoe companies in the world, and combines it with lessons learned from such other innovative organizations such as Method Products, charity: water, FEED Projects, and TerraCycle. Blake presents the six simple keys for creating or transforming your own life and business, from discovering your core story to being resourceful without resources; from overcoming fear and doubt to incorporating giving into every aspect of your life. No matter what kind of change you’re considering, Start Something That Matters gives you the stories, ideas, and practical tips that can help you get started.   Why this book is for you:  • You’re ready to make a difference in the world—through your own start-up business, a nonprofit organization, or a new project that you create within your current job.• You want to love your work, work for what you love, and have a positive impact on the world—all at the same time.• You’re inspired by charity: water, method, and FEED Projects and want to learn how these organizations got their start. • You’re curious about how someone who never made a pair of shoes, attended fashion school, or worked in retail created one of the fastest-growing footwear companies in the world by giving shoes away.• You’re looking for a new model of success to share with your children, students, co-workers, and members of your community. You’re ready to start something that matters.

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Lea rated it     

I won this as part of a GoodReads FirstReads giveaway — thanks!

Before reading this book ( written by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes), I was completely unfamiliar with the author’s company. I’d seen TOMS shoes once or twice, but I really didn’t “get it” — I’m not a shoes girl, and they didn’t look like anything all that special to me. Well, after reading this book, I’m buying TOMS for the whole family, LOL. I love the concept behind TOMS — for every pair of shoes purchased, the company donates a pair to someone in need. How wonderful is that?

And that is the message of this book — it’s possible to do GREAT things while still earning a living. At first glance, it’s a pretty naive philosophy, yet this book is full of examples of people who did just that — took a good idea and ran with it, earning money, sure, but also giving back to the community.

This is a must read for anyone looking for advice on starting or running a company with a conscience, but I think it would be an inspiring read for almost anyone. I think we all have our little pet projects, charities we’d like to donate to or work with, or ideas we have for helping to make the world a better place, but sometimes it’s just so hard to figure out where to start. Mycoskie writes in a simple, breezy style — very upbeat and always positive — and he’s all too happy to help you figure it all out.

HIGHLY recommend.


Sharon rated it      

This book will be on my gift-giving list this Christmas, and it should be on yours. Easy and fast to read with many profound thoughts and ideas. It’s partly the story of TOMS, but also the story of many other similar companies, briefly, including some sage advice for anyone who wishes to start a company with an integrated charity component. More than all that, there are pearls of wisdom in it for living well for every reader.

In these challenging economic times, the message is clear. Help someone else; it will definitely help you to do so, while helping them. And if you think it’s unwise to start a business now or to find a way to give, read this book. This is great reading for younger generations, and the lessons here are readily picked up by children and teens.

Reach outside your nest and see what’s possible by people just like you.

Malin Friess

Malin Friess rated it      

This is Blake Mycokie’s story former Amazing Race Contestant and current CEO (or has he calls himself chief Shoe Giver of ) TOMS. Toms is a business that is one for one…you by a pair of his soft simple canvas shoes made in Argentina…he will give one pair to a child in the developing world. TOMS have become style of choice for the social justice minded…making a statement with style and generosity all at the same time.

Blake seem like a great guy and offer lots of great advice….

Be frugal
forget titles…his employee have name like shoe dude, shoe per woman, shoe lace…instead of VP, CEO..and all that nonsense
Business cards matter–creative idea..he used recycled card that he crossed out and put his name on them
donor react to a story (one girl with no parent) rather than statistics. We give more when hearing a story.
Keep it simple..Costco’s CEO SInegal uses as a desk a left over second that they couldn’t sell in his store
own as little as you can—Blake downsized and now lives on a 50 square foot sailboat and ride his bike to work
Giving is good business

Blake’s premise is that you shouldn’t have to choose between earning a living and pursuing your passions..You can do both right now.


Elizabeth rated it      

This book does a great job of not only encouraging you to make changes and put your dreams into action, but it gives a useful breakdown of tips and resources to actually get you started. Written by Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, this book works to harness the energy and ideas of the reader to channel them into a feasible business plan. I particularly liked the side notes and personalized true stories to corroborate the guidance of each chapter. While these tips will not hold true for every single organization and company, the overall positivity and direction of the book will serve the reader if not for specific tips, then definitely in terms of motivation. This book left me energized and excited to explore my own talents.


Kayla rated it     

I happened upon this book this morning. After feeling disappointed by Peter Buffett’s book on finding fulfillment, I picked this one up without any expectations of liking it. Two hours later, I had finished it and was very glad I had read it. Written by the creator of TOMS, this book described how he started the company, the challenges he faced and how they were overcome, and gave advice to those who wanted to, as the title suggests, start something that matters. It wasn’t overly optimistic and not at all preachy. Blake Mycoskie did a great job presenting realistic advice paired with humorous and genuine anecdotes of his real life experience trying to practice what he was preaching. This is a very quick read and has cool pictures, too! It definitely got me thinking…


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