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Far above the merciless Underdark, Drizzt Do’Urden fights to survive the elements of Toril’s harsh surface. The drow begins a sojourn through a world entirely unlike his own–even as he evades the dark elves of his past.

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Allison ☾

Allison ☾ rated it     

There was a lot going on in this one. Drizzt spends like 7 years on the surface through a series of tragic events and misunderstandings. He finds acceptance (though from afar) from one of his surface elf kin and a very old blind human ranger. He defeats an Orc leader and tricks a dragon along the way, all while getting chased by bounty hunter Roddy McGristle, a crazed and less imposing version of John Wick.

“He killed my dog!” Roddy growled.
“Don’t look dead to me,” Bruenor quipped, drawing chuckles from every corner.
“My other dog,” Roddy snarled.

Drizzt heads to Icewind Dale, a “place for rogues”, thinking he can find some acceptance. Drizzt sets up camp near a Dwarven hall and finds contentment here. After a last confrontation with Roddy, he finally finds his “home” alongside dwarven king Bruenor and his adopted human daughter, Cattie-brie.

My favorite part of this book was Cattie-brie. Drizzt and Cattie-brie are sweet cinnamon rolls and I want to read more about them immediately.

Cattie-brie’s energy and zest for life verily bubbled over. In her presence, the drow could not recall his haunting memories, could only feel good about his decision to save the elven child those many years before. Cattie-brie’s singsong voice and the careless way she flipped her flowing hair about her shoulders lifted the burden of guilt from Drizzt’s back as surely as a giant could have hoisted a rock.

So precious.

Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin

Only the third book in and I’m still loving Drizzt Do’Urden!

In this book Drizzt is trying to live in the real world now and no longer in the Underdark. He is trying to learn how to live in the sunlight without going blind so to speak and traverse this strange new world. He still has his wonderful black panther friend, Guenhwyvar. Together they have to find a place they can call home while fighting off giants, orcs, bad humans, etc.

Drizzt finds some good people along the way that he becomes friends with and stays with for some time. I really loved Montolio. He was an old blind ranger living in the mountains, he trains Drizzt in the human language and about things in the world. He was such a great friend and a friend to animals, which I loved of course 🙂

I could not stand Roddy who pursued Drizzt to the end of the book! He was a jerk complaining about something that Drizzt did to him, well you attack someone they fight back! Get a clue!

I liked how the book ended with Drizzt finding a home with some new friends, including Catti-brie who was fearless in taking up for him, and she was just a little girl. Through the eyes of babes right?

I recommend to anyone that likes this kind of fantasy novel.


F.T. rated it      

I love these books. Sojourn makes an interesting contrast to Book 2, Exile. In that one, Drizzt is prowling around the vast Underdark in survival mode, a force unto himself, fighting a fantastic array of monsters and fiends while being stalked by Matron Malice and her spirit wraith. It was gloomy, creepy, and his loneliness and isolation are heartbreaking. If not for a brighter foray with the gnomes, he’d have fallen into something purely instinctual and predatory.

In Exile, he goes above into the bright world, and the neatest thing about this story is how he adjusts to that, having to learn about basic things like day and night, season changes, wildlife, the different races and of course, a whole new raft of monsters and fiends. In keeping with Drizzt’s tormented nature, this book is no less heartbreaking; he starts to lose his magic, and he gets his ass kicked in more ways than one. But he keeps evolving, makes an excellent friend and learns to be a ranger, just his kind of thing.

This book doesn’t end where it seems it should, but keeps going to set up the next part of the series. This is a bit weird, but it did give me closure on some things.

Nicolae-Gheorghe Cojocaru

Nicolae-Gheorghe Cojocaru rated it      

The last book in the Dark Elf trilogy is not a disappointment. A new stage in Drizzt life, the surface world is a place of wonder seen through the lavender eyes of the elf, every new day a new mistery to unravel. The book starts as a “tabula rasa” of sorts, him content to his lone life, until one by one, events unfold and start him on the path of the ranger. Going from a self imposed hermit to a protector of the realm is a journey of discovery for him, but also us, being presented the geography, races, customs and nature of the fairfolk of the surface world.

Glad to join you on your journey, and well met !

Tiger Hebert

Tiger Hebert rated it     

I really enjoyed this final chapter in the trilogy, and honestly I probably read this book faster than the rest, but I don’t know that it was the best book of the three.

I really enjoyed Drizzt’s journey on the surface, but at times it felt that this book was fragmented in a way. This seemingly fragmented/disconnected narrative let the ending less satisfying that it probably could have been. I did enjoy the epilogue, but I’m sure it would have been more impactful had I already read the Icewind Dale trilogy.


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