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After Zoe Baxter loses her baby, the only way she can find of coping is to try again. But her husband Max disagrees – more than that, he wants a divorce. When they separate, there is no mention of the unborn children they created together, still waiting at the clinic.The Zoe falls in love again, out of the blue, and finds herself with an unexpected second chance to have a family.But Max has found a new life too – one with no place in it for people like Zoe. And he will stand up in court to say that her new choice of partner makes her an unfit mother.Jodi Picoult’s most powerful novel yet asks who has the right to decide what makes the ideal family?

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CaroB rated it      

Ms Picoult is simply brilliant. I used to have her on my auto-buy list and have to admit that her last few books, while good, have seemed somewhat formulaic. I was hovering on whether or not to buy this book when my friend suggested it for this month’s book-club read. I’m so glad she gave me that push.
I wont give another synopsis of the story, you can read enough of those on the reviews below. What I will do is give my opinion.
Someone once said (Hemingway? Orwell?) – and I’m paraphrasing: that a great book is truer than if they had really happened. And afterwards you feel like you own that memory, that you were involved. I think this book personifies that statement. I read this story more slowly than I usually go through books these days, and I think it’s because there was so much emotion, so much depth, that I wanted to savour it.
I particularly like the way she uses a change in POV by chapter so you get the “complete” story from all the main characters’ perspectives. Picoult has used this syntax in previous books with less success, but has worked it well here.
I’ll admit I find it hard to review this story. It’s very difficult to analyse the writing style, the prose, even to a certain extent, to dissect the characters. They were so rich, so very real in all their imperfections and good intentions, that to analyse them would be to reduce them to back to 2 dimensions. They came to life for me and immersed me in their problems, in their fears and in their struggles over the last few days. As so rarely happens these days, I feel richer for the reading of this book. Thank you Ms Picoult, for sharing your wondrous talent.


Anne rated it      

Finished, and I have to say I was incredibly impressed by this one. I’ve found her last couple of books a tad slow to engage, but this one grabbed me by the throat from page one and never let go. It has a lot of themes, but I thought she juggled them very well. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling others’ enjoyment, other than the unsurprising news that yes, there’s a court scene (but an extremely well done one…). This book introduced me to themes and ideas I’ve never really looked at before this closely, and it does it very bravely – some of the issues will really stay with me.

Zoe’s music therapy is a thread running through the book, and I found it quite fascinating: unfortunately the only thing that didn’t really work for me was the accompanying music CD, with the singing voice of “Zoe” through Ellen Wilber – it wasn’t to my taste, and it’s a bit cumbersome to listen to a track with each section of the book (I’d given up by track 3…but can’t complain about her trying something different…).

Not too long to go until you can all read it!


Suzanne rated it     

I was about two thirds of the way through Sing You Home, and I was becoming agitated, thinking it was spoiling my reading experience. I was really annoyed! This was a good thing on reflection though, it meant Ms Piccoult drew me in and created strong strong feelings. I wanted the characters to do certain things, I needed them to! The zealous evangelistic theme was driving me nuts, but now I realise I was rushing and being impatient. I’m like that sometimes.

Partners for life, Zoe and Vanessa have a huge struggle ahead of them, part of which is facing the intimidating Church of Eternal Glory in a legal battle, fighting for something that they should never have to be fighting for, in my little opinion!!

This book covers sensitive issues that encompasses the church, bigotry and all matters in between. The kind of things, if you’re anything like me, that make you jump up and down and get drawn in. Just don’t be like me and be impatient.

Probably just a tad disappointed that I didn’t ‘feel’ the passion between Zoe and Vanessa, but that might have just been me. I wonder what others think of that?

The music point of view was amazing, coming from the most ‘unmusical’ person in existence. The work from this point of view was amazing and the team that the author collaborated with are to be commended, leaving me to think the musical theme combined with story was fantastic. Musically minded people would appreciate and get it more than me.

Fans of Jodie Piccoult won’t be disappointed, I haven’t read a novel of hers for some time and it was nice to come back. I fully recommend this book.

Carol Brill

Carol Brill rated it     

More a 3.5 for me. All the hallmarks of a Jodi Picoult novel-flawed, sympathetic characters revealed through multiple points of view, a significant and timely social issue, and heartbreaking conflict.
Zoe and Max’s marriage fails after years of infertility, miscarriages and a shattering still birth. Zoe, a music therapist, finds solace in a new friend, Vanessa. Ultimately Vanessa becomes much more than a friend. Max relapses and starts drinking until his brother and wife help him find salvation in religion.
The major conflict in the novel is over what to do with embryo’s left over from Max and Zoe’s infertility attempts. Instead of Max and Zoe deciding on their own, Max’s church gets involves and elevates the situation to an anti-gay, pro-traditional marriage media event before Max finally realizes what is right and decides it’s up to him to do the right thing.


Joanie rated it     

When I read what Jodi Picoult’s new book was about I laughed, not because the topic is funny but because instead of the usual formula of one controversial social issue, this book contains about 10 and it also includes a companion CD, lyrics written by Miss Picoult herself. I laughed, I mocked, and then I went out and bought it. I am clearly the biggest fool on the planet.

Picoult’s books draw me back like an old boyfriend. Initially things seem good, I get caught up in the story (crying already by page 30) and I forget what ever made us break up in the first place. As the book continues I inevitably get annoyed by the formulaic style and start to place bets on what issue she’s going to tackle next. I finish the book vowing to skip her next book all together (although deep down I know lack the moral fortitude to really see it through) but then the following winter I find myself checking the date of her next release and the cycle begins anew.

I finished and I have to say I found this less annoying than her last one. Yes, it contained a ridiculous number of controversial social issues and an accompanying CD which is just plain silly but it was a fast, entertaining read. Jodi Picoult will never win the Pulitzer but her books suck me in every time, even when I swear it’s gonna happen this time. What more can I say?


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