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A boy has an encounter with a man who causes extinctions of other species, so he grows up to be a man who documents (and thus appeals for a halt to) those extinctions. This dark fantasy tale is unlike Clive Barker’s other recent ones: it is more tightly plotted, and more of this world. In a sequence of well-executed stories within stories (comparable to Russian dolls), Barker unfolds a compelling examination of what it means to be human, to be a man, and to be a gay man–on a planet where aging, disease, and death bring “the passing of things, of days and beasts and men he’d loved.” A satisfying long novel packed with vivid images, memorable characters, and a melancholy mood that reaches for hope.

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Zach Hay

Zach Hay rated it     

Sacrament is a very good book. It was not a dissapointment at all, however, I did not like this as other Barker novels but still it was a good story. Its about a gay photographer who has been knocked into a coma by a bear and starts having dreams of his childhood. He recallects parts of his childhood when he meets a man named jocob that changed his life forever. After he awakes, he feels the need to find this man. This book is a story about coming to grips with your past and how it made you who you are, even the bad things.


Melissa rated it     

What’s creepy is that I was lying in bed trying to remember something other than the sense that I’d read this book — all I could remember was a female and maybe animals — and then the next day I was organizing old photos and found a picture I’d taken of my room in middle school, and this book lying on the bed. SCORE.

Sarah-jane Lowes

Sarah-jane Lowes rated it      

Barker continues to blow me away with his unique narrative style and imagination. Sacrament is both chillingly and heart-breaking. I loved the darkness offset by the journey into an individual’s foiled innocence. I superb read.


John rated it     

I love Barker’s work, he is right up there with my favourite authors.
I was hooked once I read Damnation Game in my teens and never looked back.

This is a novel that I don’t remember finishing, I can certainly remember buying it and starting it (many, many moons ago) but I never got more than a quarter way through it.

I took this off my bookshelf totally by chance, I had finished an ebook while at work and somehow ended up discussing Barker with a colleague. Initially the conversation was about the book I had just finished (The Void by Michael Bray), but the discussion moved onto our preferred authors.

I thought to myself – “I haven’t read a Barker book since The Scarlet Gospels” and so went to my case and selected this totally at random.

I found an old football match ticket inside that had marked my last read page, some 14 years previous no less. I love things like that 🙂

Anyhow, the book itself was good, certainly not his best. That acclaim I reserve for Imajica, though Weaveworld and The Great and Secret Show deserve honorable mentions also.
I loved the world of Will Rabjohns. The gay heaven in which much of his life is centred is brought to life vividly, the “plague” (Aids) that curses his loved ones is touched upon subtly. Themes of love and loss are portrayed brilliantly.

Jacob Steep and Rose McGee are great characters too, intriguing and mystical. You simply need to read on to discover who they are and why they do the strange things that they do!

Recommened! 🙂


Justine rated it     

This book generally isn’t a Barker fan favorite — I remember discussing it online shortly after I read it years ago & being surprised at some of the disappointment expressed — but, along with Galilee made a lasting impression on me — I loved loved loved the premise & also the way Barker mingles nitty-gritty contemporary realism with a kind of fantasy that may include but also goes beyond horror…I could not put this book down & remained fascinated throughout. I also knew that there was something here that I wanted to emulate — a genre I wanted to explore — in my own fiction….My own YA novel Uninvited (MTV Books/Simon & Schuster) features a rather mystical trickster coyote who ‘talks’ to my protagonist during dreams/visions. Often you don’t really know where a lot of your writing comes from — that elusive shifting subterranean patchwork of creative influence — but in this case I know exactly what first inspired my talking-coyote character: Clive Barker’s Sacrament and its haunting dream-fox. (I always wondered if Barker was inspired, in turn, by Ted Hughes’ kick-ass poem ‘The Thought-Fox’, and just the thought that maybe he was makes me like him all the more.)


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