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Clásicos de algunos de los autores más destacados de la literatura mundial son cuidadosamente traducidos para adolescentes en esta serie de ediciones de calidad de tapa dura. Cada título incluye ilustraciones vívidas y una sección a todo color sobre el autor, la obra y la época en la que fue escrito.Una adaptación en prosa de una de las obras más destacadas de Shakespeare, esta edición no carece del romance y la tragedia que caracterizan la versión original mientras cuenta la historia de dos amantes funestos de familias rivales. Ilustraciones a todo color a lo largo del texto retratan vívidamente la historia clásica y un cuaderno documental provee contexto e información de fondo, dándole al libro una cualidad educativa.

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Danger rated it     

This was a decent love story and all, but I’m pretty sure this Shakespeare dude tooooootally ripped off Twilight. I mean, like, how obvious could you be, Shakespeare? A’duh. If I wrote this book I would’ve totally made them vampires, but totally not like the Twilight vampries because I’m super original. My vampires would be made of cereal and their only vulnerability would be milk. And, like, Benvolio would be Capt’n Crunch and Mercutio would be the Trix rabbit and Romeo would be Edward and that other werewolf guy all rolled into one and Juliet would be Bella. But with bigger boobs. Then in the end they would have a hoe-down at a barn and everyone would knife fight and do some secret vampire sex stuff and then it would be tragic and beautiful all at once because I’m an artist too goddamn it and I deserve all the recognition that Shakespeare gets and more. I mean, we both wear the same weird puffy shirt collar, so why not?

Kelly_Hunsaker_reads ...

Kelly_Hunsaker_reads … rated it     

I have avoided Shakespeare like the plague, but this month my Goodreads friend, Loretta, chose this one for me to read. Argh! Yes, I admit it, I am intimidated. But I did read it ad I will attempt to review it. Attempt. Because I am FAR from equipped to review his work.

The writing is lovely. The rhythm of his poetry, of the iambic pentameter, adds to the beauty of the words. It is lyrical. It feels like music. It is vivid and witty, sarcastic and funny. It is tragic. And all of it comes together in a short and wondrous play.

However, there are things that do not work for me. I do not believe that Romeo loved Juliet when he spoke to her in the balcony scene. It was lust not love, though written with this kind of beauty:

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east and Juliet is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief

And the ending is not romantic. It is suicide. Nothing about that enchants me.


Jonfaith rated it      

O teach me how I should forget to think

I was prepared to be underwhelmed by a jaded near fifty return to this plethora of love-anchored verse. It was quite the opposite, as I found myself steeled with philosophy “adversity’s sweet milk” and my appreciation proved ever enhanced by the Bard’s appraisal of the human condition. How adroit to have situated such between two warring tribes, under a merciful deity, an all-too-human church and the wayward agency of hormonal teens. Many complain of this being a classic Greek drama adapted to a contemporary milieu. There is also a disproportionate focus on the frantic pacing in the five acts. I can appreciate both concerns but I think such is beyond the point. The chorus frames matters in terms of destiny, a rumination on Aristotelian tragedy yet the drama unfolds with caprice being the coin of the realm. Well, as much agency as smitten couples can manage. Pacing is a recent phenomenon, 50 episodes of The Wire for McNulty to walk away from the force, a few less for Dickens’ Little Nell to die.

Shakespeare offers insights on loyalty and human frailty as well as the Edenic cursing of naming in some relative ontology. Would Heidegger smell as sweet? My mind’s eye blurs the poise of Juliet with that of Ophelia; though no misdeeds await the Capulet, unless being disinherited by Plath’s Daddy is the road’s toll to a watery sleep. The black shoe and the attendant violent delights.

Lee  (the Book Butcher)

Lee (the Book Butcher) rated it      

i have gone 20 years saying i am not a poetry guy and find Shakespeare tedious frivolity. This stems from my first encounter being in six grade when we read Romeo & Juliet and studied it to exhaustion for longer than i remember studying any other story to that point. My mother being a librarian i was a bit of a Literary snob at a young age. i read the likes of To kill a mocking bird, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Call of the wild, Gulliver’s travels, anything by Jules Verne i could find, and even many of Dickens works before i had even heard of Shakespeare i had a very precise idea of literature and Shakespeare’s works were akin to something like the Grimm fairy tale. Entertaining but not serious literature. well today i stand before you (virtually anyway) as a Shakespeare convert. This was really fun. I was prepared to rip this apart here as i did in my school days. In grade school all the way up to my senior year we would study another Shakespeare play every year in lit class or at least seemed that way. And i would doggedly belittle his importance in literature. I could see his importance in entertainment but leave the storytelling to “real” authors i would say. But the truth is i really liked this. The storytelling is as good as anything i have read lately. I was inspired to read this because my love of audio dramas and my surprising enjoyment of other stories using so called poetic prose. The fact that my local libraries Libby app has several Shakespearian audio dramas/Plays means i will return to Shakespeare sooner than later.

Jonathan Terrington

Jonathan Terrington rated it     

So, I’m going to be short and brief – or maybe I’ll be brief and short – with my review of this. I haven’t read this in a while but a thought came to me about what I must add for anyone who hasn’t looked at this absolute classic. I read it for school and I performed in part of it for school. Many of the lines still stick with me and I guess it fostered a love of Shakespeare and an understanding all of…five years ago?

Many people claim that this is one of the classic love stories. (view spoiler) However it really is more a tragedy. A tragedy that comments on family feuds. Shakespeare was quite the social commentator, in the way that other comic media today does the same thing. Only back in his time he was one of the few available acts. Now we have so many different tv shows, movies and books feeding us conflicting ideas and information in subtle and unsubtle ways!

A tragic story commenting on love, family and other social concerns. Ultimately lots of people die and so on and so forth. Since the friar does survive however that indicates the ultimate truth of the story is this: that men of good habits live long and fruitful lives!


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