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Author(s): Bella ForrestDownload  

Publish: Published November 18th 2015

ISBN: Edition Language English


After the oracle’s prediction of Ben’s fate, what options does the Novak have left?
Will he attempt to fight his destiny? Can such a battle even be won?
Jeramiah still lurks in The Shade like a shadow. Why is he still on the island? Why did he even come in the first place?

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Rosemarie Isaac

Rosemarie Isaac rated it      
Book 20 

Another great book from Forrest. I love this series of books, however I am getting through them far too quickly.

Jade Marie

Jade Marie rated it      
Oh my!!! That is one heck of a cliffhanger!! Dec 22 can NOT come quick enough!!! I have so many questions and scenarios running through my mind!!! ……..I never want the Shade to come to an end!!
Estrella M. Perez

Estrella M. Perez rated it      
Bella Forrest writing 

It’s a spectacular journey that I will never forget this book so far has been the most addicting. Thanks Bella


Connie rated it      
And on it goes 

I still can’t get enough of this series. I find it hard to put down once I start the next book.

Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections

Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections rated it     
Ben is one brave and honorable person. And the love his family has for him is steadfast. I am looking forward to seeing how Bella Forrest brings River and Ben together for their HEA.


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