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A deadly plague is causing the Olympians to fade one by one.As Emily watches Pegasus slip away she is determined to save him and embarks on a quest that takes her back in time to the deadly war between the Olympians and the Titans.In the race to save Pegasus, will Olympus find its true Hero? it’s time for the original battle to be fought once again…

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Lynn Worton

Lynn Worton rated it      


This is the fourth book in the Pegasus Series. I absolutely LOVED it!

Emily is The Flame of Olympus. She thought she was an ordinary girl, but she is very special. She is a fantastic character, who has faced many challenges in the previous books and triumphed. When her beloved Olympians become ill, she embarks on her biggest adventure yet.

I have a soft spot for Emily and Pegasus, and when I heard that this book was due for release, I immediately pre-ordered it! This is a fantastic adventure, filled with danger and amazing twists and surprises. In this story, we are taken on an amazing journey through time and space. We get to meet the Titans as they battle with the Olympians in ancient Greece. The action is intense, and we meet a lot of new characters including Stella and Vulcan. Emily makes a shocking discovery in this story that changes her life once again. I found myself getting rather emotional in places, as there are some very sad scenes, but there is also a few witty scenes that had me smiling. I struggled to put this book down, and was disgruntled when I had to! I love the imagery created by Kate O’Hearn, as it felt like I was actually there.

Kate O’Hearn has created a world for Pegasus and the other Olympians that is completely believable. I love her writing style, which is very descriptive and flows beautifully. She is now one of my favourite authors. I love this series, and I hope there are more adventures to come! I highly recommend this book, and series, to children of 11+ and adults alike, as this is one of the most exciting stories I have read in a long time. – Lynn Worton (WaAR)


Savannah rated it      

I love this book series.(i’m still reading tho, only on the second book) l love how it deals with the Olympians and stuff like that. the funny thing is when i got this book i thought it said it was the 1st book, but as i was reading it(in the middle somewhere) i found out it was actually the 4th book. Even tho it was the 4th and it made no sense it’s a really, really good book and it makes a little bit more sense now that i have read the first book and starting the 2nd one. It does have a few swear words here and there but they’re very scarce. This book has adventure, action, and fantasy. 🙂


Paige rated it      

I loved this book sooooo much. I was surprised at my self because I thought that being a year since I have read the books I would have forgotten everything. Surprisingly I remembered. If I could do half points on goodreads this would have been a 4.95 for me. Here is the reason

– I had trouble believing that Joel and Emily like each other. Joel was barely around. I know that some people think that if there is too much romance it kind of over powers. I think that if you have enough it is believable. Joel and Emily had only just two scenes together. That is normally enough but if they each have only 2-3 sentences it doesn’t make it believable.

I also have a few things that I loved about the book.

– I am obsessed with the relationship between Agent B and Emily. Agent B was there when Emily needed someone and I just loved it.

– Paelen told Stella to give Emily the ring and tell her he loved her I just about died.

– I started tearing up when Pegasus died it was a very tragic experience for me.

– We were introduced to some new characters in this book. I thought they were very well developed and felt like they were there the entire series.

That is my review. I am so excited for the next book but I’m not sure when its coming out though.


Alisal rated it      

Pegasus and the origins of the Olympus is the 4th book of the pegasus series and is awesome! If you want to read something that includes action, fantasy, humour, mythology and just a tiny tiny little bit of romance this defiantly IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!!!

Brief description
Emily finally can finally have some peace where she can enjoy her time in Olympus with her best buds and her dad. She is in control of her powers and everything is perfect. But perfect only last for a little while. Suddenly the gods and goddesses around her start becoming sick and that isn’t normal because they can never become sick. Jupiter claims something called the ‘titans weapon’ has been reopened and is now destroying all of Olympus. Pegasus and Emily quickly tries to go find it but the FRU found it before them and sent it somewhere. Emily tries to destroy it but accidentally sends it somewhere no one can find it now. So the only option was to go back in time to destroy the weapon before it was fully created.
Join Emily’s journey to help find the weapon before Olympus is doomed forever.

Please don’t judge my description trust me the book is much better!!!



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