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The story of how a boy who believed in the goodness of human nature set out to change the world.Pay It Forward is a wondrous and moving novel about Trevor McKinney, a twelve-year-old boy in a small California town who accepts the challenge that his teacher gives his class, a chance to earn extra credit by coming up with a plan to change the world for the better — and to put that plan into action.The idea that Trevor comes up with is so simple and so naïve that when others learn of it they are dismissive. Even Trevor himself begins to doubt when his “pay it forward” plan seems to founder on a combination of bad luck and the worst of human nature.In the end, Pay It Forward is the story of seemingly ordinary people made extraordinary by the simple faith of a child. In the tradition of the successful and inspirational television show Touched by an Angel, and the phenomenally successful novel and film Forrest Gump, Pay It Forward is a work of charm, wit, and remarkable inspiration, a story of hope for today and for many tomorrows to come.

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Rose Ann

Rose Ann rated it      

Not many books have actually made me cry….this one did….in the last few chapters.

I originally gave this book 4 stars, but the more I thought about it, it really deserves 5 stars from me…here is why and what I took with me after reading this book:
1. The next time someone asks me how they can pay me back…I will defintely tell them to pay it forward instead!
2. Don’t just SAY you are going to do something to help someone….stop talking about it and DO it. Life is short.

I liked that it was a child who came up with the idea of “paying it forward” and that it was his answer to the question of how he could change the world.
I also liked how the author focused on different people who were effected by The Movement, of Paying It Forward
The last 30 pages or so were so sad. (that’s where the tears come in)
I wish it didnt end the way it did….so unfair.

Rebecca McNutt

Rebecca McNutt rated it      

I saw the 2000 film adaptation of Pay It Forward in my health and human services class, so I figured I should read the book, and I can easily say that although the film was good, the book was better by far! The characters feel much more real and “alive” in the book, the descriptions of everything are well-detailed and incredibly vivid, and the book itself is both depressing and very hopeful. It’s an excellent novel about selflessness, empathy and understanding, and about how we all have it in our own power to do the right thing and pay it forward.


Luciano rated it      

I was moved to read this book after hearing a couple of people at work raving about it.

I love the premise of the author’s idea and how she goes about developing it within the story line. It really is an excellent story. What makes this story so engrossing to read, is how the author piggy backs from one situation to another, eventually bringing it full circle. It’s like watching a row of literary dominoes fall, one on top of another; with the fall of each subsequent domino influencing the trajectory of the next and all those behind it.

The story also has very important and inspiring message, one that it gets across without banging the book over your head, and that is that indivudally we can facilitate change in society one person at a time. We can create hope and a sense of purpose if we are willing to challenge outselves to see people for their potential as good human beings, rather than just other people who happen to share our same geographic areas.

I also enjoyed the characters in this story who are all so amazingly different, yet who all find within themselves the compassion to care that keeps the chain going.

This is an excellent book. A book that inspires us to be more than what we typically manage to be.


sue rated it      

I am so happy to be a part of Catherine Ryan Hyde’s read and review team in the UK. I love her books and look forward to each one as she releases them.

This story was different to some of the books she has written about as in style of writing. I found it fascinating to read it from all angles, and from Trevor’s point of view as a child.

I think most reviews have expressed what the book is about, and the extra challenge that was weaved in, Trevor taking this seriously did a superb job to change the world. I kept thinking “out of the mouths of babes” another cliche was ” from small acorns big trees grow”.

Its not often a book leaves me in tears. The last 30-40 pages just made me cave in. I was so reading between the tears in my eyes.

Catherine Ryan Hyde has such a unique style about her, there are a few authors that can do this. They move you to tears, passion, hate, fear, emotions that you have they can bring out in you. If an author can do this, they are doing their work properly, as life evokes emotions. So should books.

I felt quite enpowered after I read this, quite sad too. I knew why it had to end this way, there was no other way to do it.

Thank you Catherine for another amazing read.


Skip rated it     

A disfigured lonely war veteran, Social Studies teacher Reuben St. Clair, assigns an extra credit project to his class to change the world. Most do nothing, but one 13 year old student Trevor comes up with a concept to “pay it forward.” Out of pure kindness, he helps three needy people, with the caveat that they repay his gift by each helping three more people in need . Meanwhile, Trevor lives with his mother, Arlene, who has been abandoned by Trevor’s father and is also lonely. Trevor thinks his project is a failure when one of his beneficiaries goes to jail and another dies. I liked it, but it may be a bit too sweet (sappy?) and predictable for some readers.


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