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From fantasy legends Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon comes the third and final volume in a powerful saga charged with war and magic, life and love…. Two years after his parents disappearance, Darian has sought refuge and training from the mysterious Hawkbrothers. Now he has opened his heart to a beautiful young healer. Finally Darian has found peace and acceptance in his life. That is, until he learns that his parents are still alive-and trapped behind enemy borders….

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David H.

David H. rated it      

Set two years after Owlsight, this book follows the increasing development of Errold’s Grove, k’Valdemar, and the Ghost Cat village in this corner of Valdemar. The first half I would consider a rather slice-of-life story at until a precipitating event about halfway through the book give the book a bit more focus.

For me, this book has one of the first signs of the author’s decline that’s seen later in Take a Thief and the Alberich duology (Exile’s Honor and Exile’s Valor) where she starts to go into a bit too much detail in ways that kind of drag a bit.

That said, it’s still a good trilogy with fun characters, and I wish we had more books in the post-Storms setting of Valdemar instead of the constant other books (there’s really no reason for eleven books with Mags and his family).


Kelly rated it     

The Owl trilogy is the one trilogy I remember the least; not sure if that’s because it’s the last, or just the ones I’ve read the least. By this time, people should have read the other two books in the series. In this one, Darian finally goes looking for his parents, with Keisha, Shandi and some of the Hawkbrothers, and assorted others. They travel through the northern lands with all the tribes (we never find out whether or not it’s a different country or part of Valdemar, really, although I’m assuming it’s a different country which is not named.

There is a lot to expand on for future books if Misty decides to continue from this point rather than fill in the blanks between trilogies, and I hope she does both.


Katy rated it      

This was a great ending to the Mage Owl trilogy – and to the continuous Valdemar series. I’m sad about that in so many ways, but I know that there are still so many Mercedes Lackey books on my shelves that I haven’t actually read, as yet, so that makes me happy, too!

Owlknight was, as usual for Mercedes’ work, a great tale of bravery in adversity, of striving even when all seemed to be going wrong, and of overcoming fears, big and small, in order to be able to grow in maturity and spirit.

In the end, its all about friendship and love – of places, and people.

I’m so glad that I managed to get almost every book Mercedes has written and, in a few years time, when I get back around to them again on my bookshelves , I know I’ll enjoy them all just as much then, as I have now.

Janet Biggs

Janet Biggs rated it      

Review of owlknight

This book was spellbinding once started was hard to put down have read all this series’s a must read series

Autumn Holder

Autumn Holder rated it      

She does it again

The final installment of the Owlknight series doesn’t fail to deliver. As riveting to read the 10th time as it was the first.


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