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Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs, a Profoundly Moving AutobiographyMendel (Manny) Steinberg spent his teens in Nazi extermination camps in Germany and Poland, miraculously surviving while millions perished. This is his story.Born in 1925 in the Jewish ghetto in Radom (Poland), Manny soon realized that people of Jewish faith were increasingly being regarded as outsiders. In September 1939 the Nazis invaded, and the nightmare started. The city’s Jewish population had no chance of escaping and was faced with starvation, torture, sexual abuse and ultimately deportation.Outcry is the candid and moving account of a teenager who survived four Nazi camps: Dachau, Auschwitz, Vaihingen and Neckagerach. While being subjected to torture and degradation, he agonized over two haunting questions: “Why the Jews?” and “How can the world let this happen?” These questions remain hard to answer.Manny’s brother Stanley had jumped off the cattle wagon on the way to the extermination camp where his mother and younger brother were to perish. Desperately lonely and hungry, Stanley stood outside the compound hoping to catch a glimpse of Manny and their father. Once he discovered that they were among the prisoners, he turned himself in. The days were marked by hunger, cold, hard labor, and fear. Knowing that other members of the family were in the same camp kept them alive. Since acknowledging each other would have meant death, they pretended to be complete strangers.Manny relates how he was served human flesh and was forced to shave the heads of female corpses and pull out their teeth. Cherishing a picture of his beloved mother in his wooden shoe, he miraculously survived the terror of the Polish and German concentration camps together with his father and brother.When the Americans arrived in April 1945, Manny was little more than a living skeleton, with several broken ribs and suffering from a serious lung condition, wearing only a dirty, ragged blanket.This autobiography was written to fulfil a promise Manny made to himself during the first days of freedom. By publishing his Holocaust memoirs, he wants to ensure that the world never forgets what happened during WWII. The narrative is personal, unencumbered and direct.Outcry touches the reader with its directness and simplicity. The story is told through the eyes of an old man forcing himself to relive years of intense suffering. It is an account of human cruelty, but also a testimony to the power of love and hope. Memoirs worthy of being adapted for the big screen.”I read this book with a very heavy heart and tears running down my face. For Manny’s endurance and his brother Stanley to be so tested is truly a testament to life! Bad people can do all the harm you want, but if one never gives up, the enemy will never win. Manny and his brother along with others, won. This is proven in this Holocaust book. A book well worth reading and learning from now and for future generations. It proves ‘We will survive’ … Very well written as it goes straight to the reader’s heart! The pictures are a treat, past, present and future, with a lovely tribute to his beloved, Mimi. Thank you for sharing ‘YOU’ with the rest of the world, Mr Steinberg! Bless you always.””Manny Steinberg shares his extraordinary teenage story of surviving four concentration camps in an account noteworthy for its straightforward, unencumbered narrative. His is a story almost everyone can imagine happening to themselves – no less harrowing than more dramatic renditions of Holocaust survival, but somehow more compelling, and universal, for the unembellished simplicity of his style.””You must read Outcry. You will have tears and joy how this young boy survived the six years in concentration camps in Poland and Germany. It is a hand-made story for a motion picture. Hollywood producers and directors, grab it. We must not allow this to happen again to human people.”

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Carol Arnold

Carol Arnold rated it      

Very intense story of Holocaust

I have read many stories of the holocaust, but this one was different in the details. More awful details were described than any other book I have read. As a boy of 13, the author, a Polish Jew, was forced to live through the atrocities of Hitler’s Germany. At first he remained a prisoner in his own home. Barbed wire fencing was placed around the entire ghetto. They were forced to share their small apartment with several different families. They were always afraid for their lives, afraid of being separated. They were finally sent to the prison camps. Manny, his brother, Stanley, and their dad were in the same prison camp for most of the time. His step mother and younger brother went to the gas chamber.

This is not an easy read. Manny tells in detail of the horrors the Jews experienced. It is a miracle that anyone survived these death camps. Read this book for knowledge, not for enjoyment!


Brenda rated it      

WOW! I’m not normally a fan of memoirs but something made me get this book and I’m glad I did. It has been a while since I read a book so quickly but I just could not put it down. It was heartbreaking, funny and heartwarming all at the same time. We learn about the Holocaust in school but until you read a first hand account from someone who was there you just really don’t understand how horrible it was. The worst was the things that were done to innocent children and even babies. Using a baby for target practice – seriously??? What kind of monster does such things?? When I finished the book a part of me was ashamed of my German heritage and thankful that my German ancestors had left Germany before the war started. How Manny, Stanley and their father survived is just astonishing to me. The best part of the book were the pictures Manny shared with us. It was so wonderful to see how they rose above what happened to them.


Stacey rated it     

A very important story!

Mendel Steinberg, his father and brother Stanley lived through the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps during WWII, while millions around them did not. The atrocities that they witnessed and endured were totally unimaginable, right out of the sickest nightmare. Although I have always known of this, living this vicariously through this book made it so much more real. Manny Steinberg did an excellent job in recounting his experiences. This story must be told and retold so that we NEVER forget! My only complaint in the book is several typos and grammatical errors. I feel that as important as this story is, it should have a professional editor’s touch just to tidy up a few things, and then this would be a solid 5 star. I also think that this book or books like it should be required reading in schools.

Jeannie Lemley

Jeannie Lemley rated it      

Outcry: Holocaust Memoirs

I sit here wondering how to put into words the impact this book had on me. I’m sure my words will not give it the praise it justly deserves. Mr. Steinberg is a gifted author, who writes an amazing and horrific account of his life during the holocaust. He first remembers his wonderful, normal childhood. Then the hardships begin, before the war. He tells of his feelings, his views, as a young boy living through this terrible time. Then the worst happens, the separation from family, the cruelty from the Germans, the horrible prison camps, the hunger, the pain, the bewilderment of it all… why? WHY?
This was a difficult book to read, but a book I could not stop reading. And at the top of my thoughts, throughout, was the fact that THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! My God, this actually happened. God Bless You, Mr. Steinberg!

Karunakaran N.

Karunakaran N. rated it      

Outcry – Holocaust memoirs by Manny Steinberg… A heartbreaking true story of a Polish family during the holocaust… Miracles happening through out his life… Had a feeling that Manny was reborn a number of times to face difficulties worse than the previous one. Humanity questioned… being born as a Jew was never a fault of his own… many at times the author has shown his frustration if questioned of his birth, starting from his school principal to the guards at the camp. The solace was when the priest at the recuperation camp performed his duties as a Rabbi. This is a continuous “through the night” read….


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Outcry : Holocaust memoirs [Large print ed].epub – 2 Mb

Outcry : Holocaust memoirs [Large print ed].epub – 2 Mb


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