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Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me. And sure enough, from the world he lives in—no phone, no address, no commitments–ex–military investigator Jack Reacher is coming. In Lee Child’s astonishing new thriller, Reacher’s arrival will change everything—about a case that isn’t what it seems, about lives tangled in baffling ways, about a killer who missed one shot–and by doing so give Jack Reacher one shot at the truth.…The gunman worked from a parking structure just thirty yards away–point-blank range for a trained military sniper like James Barr. His victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But why does Barr want Reacher at his side? There are good reasons why Reacher is the last person Barr would want to see. But when Reacher hears Barr’s own words, he understands. And a slam-dunk case explodes. Soon Reacher is teamed with a young defense lawyer who is working against her D.A. father and dueling with a prosecution team that has an explosive secret of its own. Like most things Reacher has known in life, this case is a complex battlefield. But, as always, in battle, Reacher is at his best.Moving in the shadows, picking his spots, Reacher gets closer and closer to the unseen enemy who is pulling the strings. And for Reacher, the only way to take him down is to know his ruthlessness and respect his cunning–and then match him shot for shot…

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David rated it     

A sniper guns down five people. The evidence against him is overwhelming. When questioned by the police he declares bluntly that they have the wrong man. Then he says, “Get Reacher.” The cops have no idea who Reacher is, but you and I should know, because, if we are reading in order this is # 9 in the series. (oops- I read this one out of order)..

Reacher, however, is on the way already? Why? Because, the sniper committed the same type of crime during the Persian Gulf War and got away with it– under Reacher’s watch. Now Reacher wants nothing more than to assist with the prosecution of this man. However, something catches his eye and the whole case begins to stink.

Reacher jumps in and does his stuff. If you’ve read any of the other novels in this series you know that his stuff includes busting heads, killing bad guys, and analyzing the heck out of every situation. This is one of the best of the series I have read and kept me up late to finish. My eyelids got heavy, but I literally could not put it down until I finished it.


Harry rated it      

I’m going to add the same review for all of the Reacher series, so if you’ve read this one, you’ve read ’em all. If you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero, a man of principle, of unwavering knowledge and assent as to his own actions, than Jack Reacher’s your kinda guy.

Lee Child has created an unforgettable and unique character in his creation of Jack Reacher. Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a unique animal/human running around on this planet and that in spite of social conventions, cultural trappings, and whatever conventions and abstractions we allow into our mind in order to alleviate this core fact of our singularity (and aloneness)…the truth of it is not something Mr. Reacher denies.

He embraces it. Understands his philosophy implicitly, revels in his physical being,his conventions and values. He defends those he loves, those he does allow into his world, with a loyalty bar none while never letting go of the notion that he is alone and being perfectly comfortable with that.

I read one, and within two months read all 15 books with an appetite that couldn’t get enough.

Enough said,

Joe Robles

Joe Robles rated it     

This is the first Jack Reacher book I’ve read, and I picked it up because of the upcoming movie. I have to say my only problem with it is that now I’m going to have to read all of Lee Child’s books, and I already have a queue of over 140 “to read”.

It’s a really great thriller. It’s hard to talk about it without revealing too much, hence the spoilers warning. My favorite bit is that Jack is not some flawless superman. He’s trailed throughout the book and only once picks it up. That was something I’m not used to in most thrillers. Most of the time the protagonists is presented with an almost supernatural ability to pick up that they’re being followed. He’s also kind of flawed in that he’s essentially a homeless man. He travels with only the clothes on his back and the money in his wallet, staying in shady motels. I’m don’t know if this is how he is in every book, but it’s also very unique.

It’s also a pretty good mystery (even though we know a lot) in that you get to see Reacher put all the pieces together. If all the books are this good, I’m sure I’ll have no problem making my way through this series. I now only hope they don’t screw up the movie.


Rakesh rated it      

Jack Reacher , I like this character a lot.
Trust Lee Child , Trust Jack Reacher you will not disappoint.
Don’t know how I should put this, expectations were high and believe me that was real.
On a busy day, six shots were fired and five was dead. A case seems like a massacre. The accused was caught in no time. A slam dunk case.
During the interrogation , accused denies and asks to get Reacher for him.
With Reacher involved how we can put this book down.
The story was full of twists and turns, a thriller.
Any body who likes thriller should go for this, a must read. A complete package.

I am going to start Jack Reacher series from now on
I am addicted to this.

Thank you Lee Child for creating this character.


Subroto rated it     

If you are already a Jack Reacher fan – the number of whom which I assume is now increasing each day (the last book – A Man Wanted debuted at NYT No 1 position this September) – then I don’t need to tell you this.

Jack Reacher books are entertainers – not much intelligence there – but very catchy and very interesting. Makes for great holiday / in flight reads.

One Shot is very fast, very smart and totally un-put-down-able . Very vintage Reacher – coffee and eggs and diners, dollar stores, bus depots, hitch hiking and all that 🙂 A lot of Army Vs Marine. A lot sniper related trivia. A very twisty plot and some REALLY badass bad guys – makes the whole book all the more worth it.

Some interesting sense of humor.

The climax is the only place where you see some action – but that’s exactly what this book needed. Thankfully Lee does not use Reacher just cos he’s got him and hence lets the story be the hero. This is as close to Sherlock Holmes that Reacher’s ever got.

The book’s plot supposedly forms the base plot / inspiration plot for the Jan 2013 movie – but one look at the trailer and you can see that a lot has been played with (apart from getting that puny guy to pass off as 6’5 ” and 250 lbs). A lot of things which happen in the trailer do not happen here.

Do not expect what you see in the movie/ rushes here.

That said …this book with or without being associated to the movie is a total value for money / time deal.

Fun read !


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