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A sensational New York Times bestseller and subject of a CBS-TV miniseries, Night Sins has confirmed Tami Hoag’s reputation as the new modern master of suspense.This gripping tale unfolds in a peaceful Minnesota town, where crime is something that just doesn’t happen. But when a young boy disappears, it marks the beginning of a unspeakable nightmare. There are no witnesses, no clues, only a note, cleverly taunting, casually cruel. Has a cold-blooded kidnapper struck? Or is this the reawakening of a long-quiet serial killer? Now, a tough-minded investigator on her first, make-or-break case, and a local cop who fears that big city evils have invaded his small town, are hunting for a madman. Together, they must outsmart a killer who knows no bounds…and protect a town that may never feel safe again.

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Helen rated it     

This was an exciting mystery story about a female cop-detective. I especially liked the voices done by the reader. I didn’t enjoy the descriptive sex scenes, although they were written well.


Mary rated it      

I have read other reviews of this book and I don’t know if we were reading the same book. I found the book intriguing and it took me quite a while to figure out who the most likely culprit was. To those who talked about the chip on the MBI agent’s shoulder…. Yes it was that bad in the 90’s. We have made a fair amount of progress in the past 30 years. There is still a double standard in any position where women are in positions of authority. Man – strong, assertive, Woman – ball busting bit-h. The more things change the more things stay the same.


LJ rated it      

Hoag, Tami – 1st in Deer lake series

Deer Lake is a small Minnesota town where people know their neighbours and crime is something that happens on the evening news. But the illusion of safety is shattered when eight-year-old Josh Kirkwood disappears from a hockey rink as he waits for his mother to pick him up after practice. The only thing the police find is his duffel bag with a note stuffed inside, `Ignorance is not innocence but SIN`. With each passing hour the search for Josh takes on a more ominus intensity. For Megan O`Malley, the new regional officer of the state criminal investigative unit, it is a test of whether she can cut it in the all-male world of local cops. For police chief Mitch Holt, it is a frightening reminder of the big city crime that devastated his life before he fled to Deer Lake.

1996 Top Read – I really liked this; it had enjoyable characters and kept me reading. I’ve become a big fan of hers.


Jan rated it     

I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful book and the little asides sprinkled throughout kept your interest sparked even more! Great characters! You had to love Megan’s mouth; she never knew when to keep it shut, to her detriment at times. It was good to see the relationship develop between her and Mitch. I really liked Hannah and, as much as I liked her, I disliked her husband, Paul. What a putz! One of the best parts of the book was Hannah telling him to leave! She thought she wasn’t strong but she truly was and never lost hope. Paige was real piece of work, probably quite close to a real newsperson. And don’t ask me why but were I to cast Sheriff Steiger, I’d ask Burt Reynolds in a heart beat. Garritt Wright, Christopher Priest and Todd Childs are strange characters but I’m not sure they’re the right age to have been the children in the Prologue.

I’m looking forward to reading Guilty as Sin…as soon as I find a copy.

Deana M

Deana M rated it      

Josh Kirkwood is an 8 year old boy who is taken away from his family after hockey practice. Besides his parents, the entire town of Deer Lake, MN is scared and in shock that such a thing could happen in their small town. Chief of Police Mitch Holt and newly assigned BCA Agent Megan O’Malley work together to find the person who has taken Josh away. With their two personalities, work ethics, and very strong physical attraction getting in their way, they will stop at nothing until the case in solved. With O’Malley being the first woman given an Agent position with the BCA, every move she makes is scrutinized and at the first slip up, they are ready to send her packing. With twists and turns and everyone from a registered pedophile to a deacon from a Catholic church being the suspects, this plot will keep you guessing until the very end of the book. If you like Tami Hoag, this book is a must read!


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