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In a quiet English village, a killer is about to strike. Again and again.Officer Luke Fitzwilliam is on a train to London when he meets a strange woman. She claims there is a serial killer in the quiet village of Wychwood. He has already taken the lives of three people and is about claim his fourth victim. Fitzwilliam dismisses this as the ramblings of an old woman. But within hours she is found dead. Crushed by a passing car.And then the fourth victim is found.Each death looks like an accident. But in Wychwood nothing is as it appears….

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Oluseyi Bakare

Oluseyi Bakare rated it      

This is another brilliantly plotted story by the author, and we as readers are misled for quite a long time. The convincing portrayal of a sensitive man, feeling some higher force is exacting retribution and revenge for him in excellently done, as the murders pile up. On my own part when I was a young man I actually knew someone like this, who seemed to rejoice in tragedies befalling others “He/she wronged me and is now being punished…that’s the way it should be,” this guy would say even then, making him look guilty or responsible for bad things happening to others. Hence Christie I think is psychologically spot-on here; and the irony is that such people practically can not hurt a fly…


Bettie rated it     

Rebecca rated it      

[ I did guess the murderer slightly before the characters did. When it seemed like Gordan was the obvious killer, I knew it couldn’t be (since AC never gives up the answer before the very end). And o


Charlotte rated it     

The main character, Luke Fitzwilliam, meets old Mrs. Pinkerton on a London-bound train and is giving her story not much attention when she tells him that he serial killer is on the loose in Wychwood under Ashe. All of the deaths sound like simple accidents and the elderly woman surely got a bit too excited about some town gossip. However, when Mrs. Pinkerton dies in a hit-and-run accident later that day, Luke reconsideres and travels to the seemingly quiet village to see for himself why their is an accumulation of accidents in the last few months.

As much as I love Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, I thought it was refreshing that a “normal” person was investigating these crimes instead of a genius that seemingly always knows the perpetrators from the beginning and only keeps quiet to make them trip up and expose themselves. In this novel, we can follow Luke (and his ally Birdget) suspecting different people and by learning more and more about the dynamics of the village finally come close to the real murderer.

Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen rated it     

I listened to the BBC radio dramitisation version of this & loved it! I can just imagine back in the day – gathering around the radio & listening to mysteries this way. Agatha Christie is a true jewel with a sharp mind!


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