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Nel continente di Genabackis è sorto un nuovo e terrificante impero: il Dominio Pannion, che, come un copioso fiotto di putrido sangue, invade la terra inghiottendo tutti coloro che si rifiutano di ascoltare la parola del Veggente. Per contrastare le orde di Pannion si forma un’improbabile alleanza: da un lato il signore della guerra Caladan Brood e Anomander Rake, dall’altro l’Armata di Dujek il Monco, dichiarato fuorilegge dall’imperatrice Laseen. Insieme, queste forze avanzano nel cuore del Dominio di Pannion, coadiuvate dai T’lan Imass, convenuti per il loro Secondo Raduno… Numerosi e malfidenti, cercano nuovi potenziali alleati, fra cui le Spade Grigie, una confraternita di mercenari che ha giurato di difendere a tutti i costi la città di Capustan, posta sotto assedio. Mentre diversi clan di più antica discendenza si accingono a riunirsi, in risposta a un richiamo primordiale, i T’lan Imass insorgono poiché un’ombra cupa e malvagia minaccia il mondo: i Canali sono infettati e corrono voci su un dio scatenato e bramoso di vendetta.

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Kevin Xu

Kevin Xu rated it      

This is one of the most EPIC book I have ever read. Scratch that, it is the most EPIC book I have ever read. This book is the PRIME EXAMPLE of how fantasy should be WRITTEN and why I read fantasy. This is why the word, EPIC was created and invented, to describe and sum up this book in one word. The book has absolutely no fillers what so ever. Steven Erikson is the most EPIC writer I have ever read, and this is his BEST book of all time. He is CLEARLY LAPS AHEAD of George R.R. Martin in WRITING STYLE, PACE, and ESPECIALLY EPICNESS. George R.R. Martin can learn a thing or two from Erikson. ERIKSON IS PURE EPICNESS in a bottle. No one WILL OR EVER BEAT him. Erikson learned from the best, Glen Cook, the FIRST person to bring the DARKNESS to fantasy in novel form.


Kaora rated it      

Memories are woven tapestries hiding hard walls-tell me my friends, what hue your favored thread, and I in turn, will tell the cast of your soul.

So far this is my favorite book in the series. I struggled with a large part of Gardens of the Moon as Erikson throws readers in to the massive world he has created, and it is sink or swim. In Deadhouse Gates, there are a few familiar faces from Gardens of the Moon but the majority are new, and I found it a bit dragging in parts. However with Memories of Ice I felt like I had a pretty good handle on the world he created, allowing me to enjoy the little things.

Like his amazing writing, with unique characters and great dialogue. I do appreciate an author that can so subtly veil jokes that if you read too quickly you may miss a hidden gem.

Which pretty much sums up this entire book. It is a ton of work. There are many different plot lines and characters, that somehow all intertwine neatly producing a hell of a story. But only if you pay attention.

Erikson is master of the subtle. He won’t tell you outright the identity of some of the characters or gods encountered in the travels of other characters, but instead produce hints in the way they walk, or an event in their history they talk about.

It can be aggravating at times, but the payoff is well worth it as you will discover in these pages amazing characters, epic battles, incredible magic and dark villains.

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Scott  Hitchcock

Scott Hitchcock rated it      


I think after the first read I was so shell shocked I really didn’t know what to write. Even on reread this book just takes it out of you. The amount of empathy written into the characters and the scenes. SE builds it up so well that a simple summary sentence such as “He was my friend” leaves you gut punched.

The first time around if forced to choose I would have said DHG was a nano increment better than MOI. I have to go the other way upon reread. MOI is by far the superior story. I think the advantage DHG has is it’s the first time SE shatters your heart. This time around different scenes affected me as much if not more than the first time around.

This is simply the greatest series ever.

Original review:

I didn’t think there could be a more heart wrenching ending than Deadhouse Gates but this was much worse. When Erikson’s speaks of convergence he means it. Those last two hundred pages were one surprise, heartbreak and somehow intertwined laughs after another. I need to read something light to recover.

Michael Britt

Michael Britt rated it      

Wow, just….wow!!! Where to begin? This will be another tough review, due to spoilers, and I like to keep these spoiler free. So, I’ll start with the real rating: 6 STARTS OUT OF 5 . This sounds like a joke, but I mean it. I absolutely loved the first 2 books and this one just blew them out of the water.

I’ll say what little I can of the story. Firstly, this is so seriously jam packed with info and reveals from the first book that I found myself having to scan GotM quite frequently. This book is the first one I felt truly lost in at so many points, but that didn’t take away from any of the enjoyment, either. Erikson packs soooooo much into these books that it’s quite impressive. There’s violence, humour, conspiracies, betrayal and some deaths of a few major players. No one is safe in this world.

Characters- we see the return of most of our favorites from GotM! And some new faces that were mentioned before, but we finally get to know them. Caladan Brood being my favorite new character. That freaking hammer!!!! I think he could make Thor cry 😉 The character development in this one is spectacular, as well. I think Silverfox, later in the novel, is probably the only character I didn’t like. Besides Kallor, of course. BLOODY KALLOR!! But that’s all I can say on that, because spoilers lol.

World building is also where Erikson shines. Let’s be honest, where doesn’t the man shine?

This one definitely had so much more comic relief, but still prepare them heartstrings ladies and gentlemen, because he pretty much tips them from your chest haha. But seriously, he tips them from your chest.

Now I just have to wait for House of Chains to get here. And it can’t get here fast enough!

Ps- sorry for any typos, currently writing this via my phone lol


Evgeny rated it      

The surviving people from the first book are back: Bridgeburners, Kruppe, Tool, Anomander Rake, Dujek, and Caladan Brood together with some new characters.

A big bad guy (and I do mean – BAD) is entering into the game – The Chained God. The threat of this is so big – some of the Elder Gods are coming back just to stop it. It turns out – Quick Ben does not like the bad guy either and is determined to stop him.

The first move of The Chained God is to rouse some fanatics on the south of continent and to send them on conquest of all neighboring cities using the cult’s Seer as his pawn. This move is just a distraction, but it must be dealt with quickly to free the players to deal with real problems. Thus former enemies (Dujek and Caladan Brood) make an uneasy alliance.

High magic, multiple layer plots, epic battles, major people dying – this book has it all; 5 stars.


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