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Un amanecer de 1945, un muchacho es conducido por su padre a un misterioso lugar oculto en el corazón de la ciudad vieja: el Cementerio de los Libros Olvidados. Allí encuentra La Sombra del Viento, un libro maldito que cambiará el rumbo de su vida y le arrastrará a un laberinto de intrigas y secretos enterrados en el alma oscura de la ciudad. Ambientada en la enigmática Barcelona de principios del siglo XX, este misterio literario mezcla técnicas de relato de intriga, de novela histórica y de comedia de costumbres, pero es, sobre todo, una tragedia histórica de amor cuyo eco se proyecta a través del tiempo. Con gran fuerza narrativa, el autor entrelaza tramas y enigmas a modo de muñecas rusas en un inolvidable relato sobre los secretos del corazón y el embrujo de los libros, manteniendo la intriga hasta la última página.

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Simon rated it      

It’s been a couple years since I read this book so I shouldn’t and won’t go into details, but the effect has lingered all this time. There’s no other book I’m quicker to recommend than this one. It’s not that it’s particularly important in a lot of the ways “important” books are, it’s just that it works as pure reading pleasure (and sometimes, isn’t that enough?); so I find reviews from people desperate to discover structural flaws and stylistic cliches to be totally missing the point. Buy it new, breathe in the perfume of those pages, tell your friends and family you’re going to be busy for a few days and disappear into it.


Matthew rated it      

This is an excellent piece of literature. It contains poetic storytelling, shocking twists, thoroughly developed characters, symbolism, humor, romance, betrayal, action, sentimentality, nostalgia, and much, much more.

For book lovers it is perfect because it revolves around the mysteries of a little known author (Julian Carax) that the main protagonist, Daniel, stumbles across in a secret stash of literature called the Cemetery of Forgotten books. From there it quickly develops into a fantastic story of good vs. evil; driven by jealousy and shrouded in the unknown.

I saw some complaints that this book is slow. I can understand that – it is not a light book and it is not a quick read. But, the payoff from getting immersed in the thick narrative is totally worth the extra time in the end.

Lovers of books, lovers of historical fiction, lovers of mysteries with shocking twists, lovers of complex romance/revenge story lines, lovers of ultimate good vs evil battles – step right in to The Cemetery of Forgotten Books . . . and lose yourself in The Shadow of the Wind.


Lola rated it      

I found this novel by accident, while quickly browsing shelves at the local library, and let me just say it was the best accidental find i’ve had in years. From the very first line to the end i loved it, and as a reader i am not easily pleased by anything. I love stories out of the ordinary that captivate my imagination and run away with it. That is exactly what The Shadow of The Wind did.

Right off the bat the plot intrigued me, Daniel Sempere is taken to the a secret labyrinth of forgotten books – the place where books are brought for their final rest after the world has forgotten their existence – and told by his father to pick one to always care for and protect. He chooses The Shadow of The Wind and his life is forever changed by his fascination with the book, its author and his determination to uncover the mystery surrounding the doomed fate of all other works by the author.

What fascinated me most as Daniel started to get entangled in the mysterious web of the book and its author’s history, was how Daniels life began to mirror Carax (the author of the book). The writing is almost poetic yet simple to follow and enjoy, their are subplots that run alongside the major plot so the book isn’t one dimensional and boring.

Overall this is a fascinating read that is sure to take you on an adventure that will make you wish there were more pages to read after you turn the last page. Highly recommended for those who are not afraid to explore other worlds or allow a book to engulf their senses completely.


Arah-Lynda rated it      

Here is one for those of us who absolutely adore great literature. It is almost as though The Shadow of the Wind was written for book lovers everywhere. An adrenaline laced, pulse pounding, suspense filled, dark and romantic, gothic adventure, peopled with brilliantly developed, colourful, charismatic and ultimately,unforgetable characters. It really should come with a warning as it will keep you reading late into the night and long after you should have put it down. Fantastic! A must read folks. Make room on your book shelves for this one.

Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile

Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile rated it      

I cannot rave enough about this book! So enthralling & compelling, it sucked me in with every word. I was a bit intiimidated at first because it’s quite a large book, but I was praying for it not to end! I just recently discovered there’s a prequel, so I can’t wait to read that!

*Reread- In the several years that have passed since I first read this book, I’ve discovered my love for it has not changed one bit. This is the type of book that is SO beautifully written, it completely captivates you and you are transported into the setting. One thing that especially amazes me about this book is considering how beautifully lyrical it is while being a translation! I can’t wait to start the next two!


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