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Dioses, héroes y hombres en un mundo aparentemente gobernado por el Destino. La más grande epopeya de nuestra civilización sigue presente hoy más que nunca.El joven príncipe Patroclo mata por accidente a un muchacho. Repudiado por su padre, es exiliado al reino de Ftía, donde lo acoge el rey Peleo, un hombre bendecido por los dioses, inteligente, apuesto, valiente y reconocido por su piedad. Tanto que se le concedió el más alto honor, la posibilidad de engendrar un hijo con una diosa: Aquiles.Aquiles es fuerte, noble, luminoso. Patroclo no puede evitar admirar hasta el último de sus gestos; su belleza y perfección hacen que sea incapaz de contemplarlo sin una punzada de dolor. Por eso no se explica que Aquiles lo escoja como hermano de armas, un puesto de la más alta estima que lo unirá a él por lazos de sangre y lealtad, pero también de amor. Así emprenden juntos el camino de la vida, compartiendo cada instante, cada experiencia, cada aprendizaje y preparándose para el cumplimiento de una profecía: el destino de Aquiles como mejor guerrero de su generación.

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Maria rated it     

patroclus: constantly gushing about achilles’ outer and inner beauty, like 80% of the time
me: *remembering brad pitt’s chiseled abs and legs in troy (2004)* same boi

anna (½ of readsrainbow)

anna (½ of readsrainbow) rated it      

rep: mlm couple

“i feel like i could eat the world raw” vs. “i will kill u & eat u raw”

(but actually, the only thing that was eaten raw was my heart)

Aqsa (On Hiatus)

Aqsa (On Hiatus) rated it      


Just finished this masterpiece and I don’t think I wanna think about anything else for a long while. I wanna drown and drown in it over and over again. I’ll never forget this book. Never.

Listening to these 3 continuously now.

Richard Derus

Richard Derus rated it      

Rating: 6* of five, 2012’s best read by a mile.

It’s National Book Lovers Day! A day to bask in the amazing power of books to inform, amuse, educate, and alter our views and viewpoints.

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And how wonderful it is.

~Bookishly Red~

~Bookishly Red~ rated it      

This book. This book has kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. I finished reading this book only fifteen minutes ago, but I feel I need to write something now, while all the feels and richness of the story, still linger without permission in my complicated soul.
I knew as soon as I began this book, possibly when I was just a few pages in, that this was definitely for me. Despite having never read “The Illiad” I thought I’d go ahead with this first, having seen quite a few positive reviews about this book.

This book was an incredible but a somewhat painful experience to be part of. The lyricism in this book flowed beautifully, and I found myself captivated by Miller’s story. With each page that I turned, there was something fresh to discover, or something else to cause me to bite my lip with nervousness. Sometimes the tension in these pages were simply unbearable, and I couldn’t devour the word on the pages rapidly enough.
This is a love story like no other, and it’s poignancy is rare to capture. It kind of takes you apart, bit by bit, and I think this story has the ability to move even the hardest of hearts. I was utterly destroyed nearing the end of chapter thirty-two, and the writing was that good, I read it around a dozen times.
As usual, I do have a little complaint, which is the plot. For me, it became rather dull just after halfway through reading, but I’ve overlooked that when giving a star rating, as it was just so beautiful. What an excellent, midweek heart rendering read!


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