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Karate-Do: My Way of Life

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Lance Schonberg

Lance Schonberg rated it     

Less an autobiography and more a discussion of Funakoshi’s personal philosophies using examples and anecdotes from his life. It makes for interesting, if short, reasoning, and you can certainly pick out significant bits of the master’s personality and lifestyle, as well as a uniquely Japanese outlook on the world.

There are a number of almost casual phrases through the short book that I imagine are not actually intended to be, but rather major points that Funakoshi wanted to make. I resisted going through the book with a highlighter, but a few of them stand out to me. Perhaps my favourites:

“Never make use of your trained body for any illicit purpose.”

“The great virtues of karate are prudence and humility.”

“Anyplace can be a dojo.”

“Karate-Do is not only the acquisition of certain defensive skills but also the mastering of the art of being a good and honest member of society.”


Ann rated it     

some quotes:
p. viii: “Movement is nonmovement, nonmovement is movement.”

p. 15: “One of [Azato’s] maxims was, ‘When you practice Karate think of your arms and legs as swords.'”

p. 28 (Spoken by Matsumurua): “Today I’m a wiser man than I was yesterday. I’m a human being and a human being is a vulnerable creature, who cannot possibly be perfect. After he dies, he returns to the elements — to earth, to water, to fire, to wind, to air. Matter is void. All is vanity. We are like blades of grass or trees of the forest, creations of the universe, of the spirit of the universe, and the spirit of the universe has neither life nor death. Vanity is the only obstacle to life.”

Kat O'B

Kat O’B rated it     

Debbie’s review covers it:


Amazing stories and amazing man.


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