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A young woman murdered in a run-down Manhattan hotel.A father publicly beheaded in the blistering sun of Saudi Arabia. A man’s eyes stolen from his living body as he leaves a secret Syrian research laboratory.Smouldering human remains on a mountainside in the Hindu Kush.A plot to commit an appalling crime against humanity. One thread that binds them all.One man to take the journey.Pilgrim.

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Anthony Dalton

Anthony Dalton rated it      

WOW!!! Sometimes one gets really lucky, you pick up a book and think it might be an OK read, then you complete 5 or 6 chapters and come to the realisation you’ve stumbled across one of the top five reads of your life.. Such is the case with ‘I Am Pilgrim’. As far as spy thrillers go, this is hands down the best, relegates the likes of Clancy, Ludlum and LeCarre (as good as they are) into the also ran section. The style of writing is fantastic, the plot totally mesmerising and the character development superb, so much so I even began to empathise with the fundamentalist lunatic. It is 700 pages of intelligent, engrossing and breathtaking writing, I was disappointed to finish this one, not because I was dissatisfied with the ending, but because I had been swept up in the entire story and didn’t want it to end. I cannot recommend ‘I Am Pilgrim’ highly enough.

David Putnam

David Putnam rated it      

For me this book was stunning. I have always been a fan of espionage/spy thriller and have read widely in the genre but this one is the King. Last year during Barnes and Noble signings I was approached by readers and naturally talked about books. This one one was brought up a number of times and the reader always asked if I knew when the sequel would be coming out. The sequel at this time is a mystery. I Am Pilgrim came out in 2014 and there is no word on as yet on the next one. Pilgrim is a masterpiece, complex in plot, with great characterization. I can see why a second book might take awhile to write (hopefully the author is writing one). To sum this book up in one word it would be Brilliant. Of course the reader would have to be a fan of spy thrillers to see the same way as I do. But for right now it goes to the top of the list.
David Putnam author of The Bruno Johnson series.

Jennifer Masterson

Jennifer Masterson rated it      

Wow! Terry Hayes is absolutely Brilliant! I loved this book so much I slowed down my reading because I didn’t want it to end. The best book I have read in a long time. It is so much more than a thriller. This book takes place all over the world ( including Greenwich, CT, where the main character was brought up after his mother died ). It’s not only a fantastic story but it has such wonderful character development. This is a MUST READ even if you don’t read a lot. I cried in parts, that’s how good the character development was!!! A Thriller has never made me cry before! Without giving away too much I Iove how it took a spiritual twist at the end. It was absolutely wonderful!!!


Carol rated it      

“Who is this guy, Terry Hayes?”, I asked myself when I was 200 pages in to the 600+ page I Am Pilgrim I was so hooked I had to read a bio of the author and you might want to also.

I Am Pilgrim is a big book, in more ways than one. It’s 600+ pages requires a time commitment but reads quite quickly. I think publishers spoil us with the neat packaged books of 340 pages so when we get something longer, it scares us off. Don’t let the length of this one bother you. I think this debut is going to be a word of mouth huge best seller this summer.

I Am Pilgrim has got it all. It starts off with an expertly described ghastly murder scene of a young woman found dead in a bath of acid in a dingy hotel called The Eastside Inn. I couldn’t believe where this beginning took me. Hayes has managed to weave a plot that includes the beheading of a man in a Saudi Arabian public square, an adopted child who becomes an agent in an organization that doesn’t exist, a NY city hero cop, a boy with Downs Syndrome, the death of a wealthy playboy, religion, love, honor, and a terrorist plot that will eradicate millions in the US and that’s only the half of it. He pulls this off in a hair raising adventure all over the Mideast and back which at times pushes the limits but doesn’t spoil the ride. Just thank heavens someone’s on our side. Be warned some of the scenes of murder and torture are gruesome. I found myself cringing at the least and skipping over some the worst.

I Am Pilgrim is one of the best spy thrillers I’ve read in some time. Scary for certain, plausible, I’d love to have a scientist chime in. The Film rights are still up in the air but I can see it.

Take my word for it – get it – read it. It’s that good!


Carol rated it     

If you enjoy a good mystery-spy novel with a super hero, you are in for a treat! The story begins with an unusually bizzare murder…..no big deal, right? Wrong! The bizzare death of a young (acid soaked) woman leads you on a multi-layered thrilling ride following the activities of one of the world’s most secret and intelligent agents.

While searching for a revengeful Palestinian terrorist who is planning a deadly crime against mankind, our Pilgrim will take you through a multitude of intense, heroic, shocking and sometimes gruesome events. (there’s even a visit from a relative of Annie Wilkes and a place so sinister and isolated, it’s referred to as The Overlook Hotel)

Although the character’s and their background stories kept me interested throughout the 600+ pages, there were times our protagonist’s adventures were a bit predictable and DID make me think of James Bond, but hey…..I’ve always liked 007.

Great debut novel……look forward to the movie!


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