Her Protectors Book reviews


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Three sizzling cops, one lucky woman.


Growing up in foster care, Britt’s dream was to be an artist.
For now, she’s waiting tables and dodging her sleazy boss.
One night, she’s attacked after work and three irresistible cops come to her rescue.
Wyatt’s the artistic playboy.
Kingston’s the joker getting over a rotten ex-wife.
Bradley is the strong, silent type whose fiancée cheated on him.
With all three vying for her attention, tough girl Britt isn’t lonely any more.
From private rooftop pools to edible body paint, these guys pull out all the stops to seduce Britt and drive her wild..
When one of them protects her from her disgusting boss, though, can Britt face the fact that this is more than reckless fun?
Could they each overcome past hurts and make their own rules–finding a romance that could be something real?


This could be nothing but heartbreak–or it could be a beautiful, filthy happily ever after.

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Diane Werning

Diane Werning rated it      

Her Protectors

Wow,who wouldn’t want three good look in cops to watch over you all the time.The story was really good!Pick up a copy and start reading.


Nate rated it     

I liked Brittney’s story. It’s different from other ones similar genre ones I’ve read. I’m voluntarily leaving an honest review for a copy of the book.

Kolena Horner

Kolena Horner rated it     

I voluntarily reviewed a free advance copy of this book.
Britt is a struggling artist who works as a waitress. Late one night she is being mugged when two police officers appear and scare away the mugger. They drive her home. Beside the two officers there is one more officer in the cruiser already. So we have her harem…Kingston, Wyatt, and Bradley. The guys are roommates and they all are attracted to Britt. She then proceeds to date (has sex with) each of them.
I’m not a super fan of the reverse harem stories, but this one was pretty good.


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