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Follow Gregor in the fourth enthralling adventure in Suzanne Collins’ New York Times bestselling Underland Chronicles — with gorgeous new cover art coming July 1st! In Book 4 of the bestselling Underland Chronicles, Gregor is drawn ever deeper into a brewing crisis. For generations, rats have run the mice out of whatever lands they’ve claimed, keeping them constantly on the move. But now the mice are disappearing and the young queen Luxa is determined to find out why.Gregor and Boots join Luxa on a simple fact-finding mission. But when the true fate of the mice is revealed, it is something far more sinister than they had imagined — and it points the way to the final prophecy Gregor has yet to fulfill. His abilities are put to the test in this suspenseful, action-packed penultimate installment of Suzanne Collins’s thrilling Underland Chronicles.

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Steven R. McEvoy

Steven R. McEvoy rated it      

There are so many fans out there of the Hunger Games books, and every time I encounter one of them I tell them I really liked that trilogy but I absolutely love the Underland Chronicles. With each of the books in the quintet I appreciate the writing and stories more. The growth and development of the characters and the plot is amazing. Watching Lexa and Gregor grow is a wonderful experience. Not since reading Madeleine L’Engle books years ago have I wanted to know what was happening with the characters when I was not reading about them, or found myself wondering what happens to them next, where they will be in 5 years or in 10 years. These are amazing characters and the series is incredible.

The biggest difference in this book over the preceding 3 in the series is that Gregor does not know or have a copy of the prophecy that he so heavily plays a role in. In fact, this prophecy is so dark, so bad, no one will tell him about it, not even Ripred. You know it’s bad when a giant rat, considered the most cold- hearted creature in all of the underland, does not want to burden you with it.

The progression in this story was very different from the first three. First, as mentioned, we do not know the prophecy going into the adventure. Second, we do not have a clear resolution like the earlier books. Three, both Gregor and Luxa grow immensely in this book. Their characters mature, and are stretched. C.S. Lewis once stated “”Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth.” In both Gregor and Luxa we see serious growth and I cannot wait to start book 5. This is an amazing series; give it a shot – you will find yourself addicted.

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Darren Hagan

Darren Hagan rated it      

Such a flipping great series. Only one issue…as much as I love Boots and she is adorable (and a bit heartbreaking), I question why you keep bringing her on dangerous adventures. She’s 2 years old man, give her a break. The first three it is kind of justified because she is the prophecies, but not this one. Oh well.

The story is still great and it’s also so harsh. The poor mice :'( *SPOILERS AHEAD*….The bit where a load of mice die gives an image of what gas chambers must’ve been like during the Holocaust. What are you doing to my emotions Suzanne Collins. Then there is the little 7 year old kid Hazard who became an orphan at the end of book 3, and then he gets this a new friend and potential bond in the form of Thalia. They have such a great friendship and he’s so happy and then it’s like Collins goes and kill Thalia off. What the helllllll?! After the group are trying to comfort him and talking about the dead living on in your heart, he says “My heart is so crowded already, but I’m sure the others will make room for Thalia. She is not a very big bat.” Bloody hell. Just pull at my heartstrings why don’t you kid.


I can’t wait to see how this series ends. I’m actually worried haha.

Beth A.

Beth A. rated it     

Another good story, lots of conflict and adventure, and fun to read. There was more friction between the characters, and I felt a little less connected to them. It did bother me that they again take the pups (kids) into a very dangerous situation, this time through a few poor decisions rather than necessity.

Unlike the previous three, this book is unresolved at the end. The next book will be a continuation of this story rather than the beginning of a new episode. I am hoping that the last book will continue the Gregor tradition of having a good but reasonable ending.

Lindsi (Do You Dog-ear?)

Lindsi (Do You Dog-ear?) rated it      

This review is for Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, and Gregor and the Marks of Secret (Underland Chronicles, #2-4).

I’ve really enjoyed reading this series to my kiddos! We’re on the last book now (Gregor and the Code of Claw) and had stop due to uncontrollable crying (mine). I don’t think I’ll be able to keep reading this one to them before bed, because my tears make them think something is wrong with me. It’s hard to explain that nothing is physically wrong, just Suzanne Collins shredding my heart. She has a knack for making you love characters, and then destroying you with them later on.

This series does have some darker aspects, so I’ve had to be selective about what I read out loud. They’re still a little young to hear about mass murder and excessive violence. It’s meant for middle grade readers, and I think it’s perfect for that age, but there is a lot of death and sadness (feelings a five-year-old might not be ready to address).

I love everything about this series. The characters, the world, the individual prophesies — all amazing, detailed, and expertly executed. I try to figure the prophesies out as I read, but nothing is clear until the very end (not for me or the characters). The giant bats, rats, and cockroaches are all very unique and interesting. Boots, Gregor, Luxa, Henry, Ares, Temp, Ripred, Twitchtip — I really do love them all! Everyone brings something to the story, and this series wouldn’t be the same without every single one of them. Collins has created a story that I will remember for the rest of my life, and one that I look forward to revisiting in the future.

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CekMoNSter rated it     

Holding that one star because I was sulking..hmmph..*crowd a corner*

There`s one thing that I hate the most in this world, aside from liars. That is not knowing of things..And the name for this one, ‘Marks of secret’ was enough to fuel me into detest and much angriness..I want to know things, learnt them by reading, and not just be speared with reason that tells me that I`ve enough to just know, but not to learn from it..

Understand? No?

Ok, imagine HP, clueless with the infos on deathly hallows and how frustrated he was that Dumbledore was leaving him in the dark hoping that he would somehow found the connections from the clues he`d leaved behind after his death?

That`s what I`m feeling at this moment as I`m typing this. Reading this one means that you have to ride with the writing, accepting the bends as the author stretched us.

Which honestly, was cool.


Not trying to spoil anything, but there wasn`t really much fightings in this book. Yes, there`s more death than we could count for the last three ones, but still, I`m missing all the times when Gregor would try to pick up the sword to kill those who attacked his group. The plot however was something to look for. Starting to swerve more to reality, accounting on Gregor`s would be last mission as Overlander and leaving the Underland forever. The last war. Can a twelve do this? Idk..Reality struck him as too young to even do that, but I`m going to cheat a bit into thinking him as this healthy rugged handsome teen aged 18. The kind of age where the blades wouldn`t felt from his grip anymore..Only Boots should stay two forever though.

Still hate the method that Sandwich was using though..Too overused in this one series..
Other than that, love the whole thing.

Errr…Not sulking anymore.

A good read!NUff said~


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