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As rumors swirl about Machi trying to kill her little brother, Kakeru figures that the only person who can get the truth out of her is Yuki. But when the two of them visit her, they learn a shocking secret. Later, Motoko wants to tell Yuki her feelings before she graduates and leaves the school–and him–forever. But will their parting be such sweet sorrow?

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Cat rated it      

God Damn, this one was even MORE shocking than the last one.

That’s it I absoloutely despise Akito (view spoiler) I can’t see how this is going to end unless someone stops him. But how do you stop a person basically possessed by God, and can command most of you’re friends?
I really want Hatu to beat the sh** out of him. Well at least he gave him a good scare, and turned his back on him. I hate Akito so much for doing that to Rin, why can’t he just let them be together. Not only that it’s all the more sad because he locks her in the place where the cat spirit goes!
Up until the end I really felt like I was the only one who remembered he was going to be locked up! Then Tohru had her moment at the end, but come on this issue needs to be dealt with or at least acknowledged. I’m a little disappointed in Rin acting so surprised that Tohru cared. Then again she has been away from everyone for a decent amount of time, but who can’t see the connection between Tohru and Kyo- it’s been so obvious from the first volume!

Other than that there was som more stuff about the student council that I didn’t care about that much. Way to go Yuki though, helping out Machi, I think they would be great together. That little spark of happiness was overshadowed by the pretty dark theme from the rest of the volume though.

Alison (AlisonCanRead)

Alison (AlisonCanRead) rated it     

Another volume with lots of Yuki and little Tohru or Kyo. Much of this book focuses on Machi, Yuki’s friend from school. Like the rest of the character in this book, her life has been a sob story. She’s suspected of trying to kill her little brother. Not true at all. She adores her baby brother. Her parents are convinced that she’s horribly jealous and is a monster of a girl. When they saw her placing a blanket over the baby, they assumed she was trying to smother it.

It’s interested that Takaya-san goes out of her way to villainize every parent in this series. The only adults that are portrayed positively are Tohru’s mother and those adults without children. I wonder why.

The second half of the book is about Rin. If Takaya-san was worried that the reader would pity Akito too much after his/her story was revealed in Volume 17, Volume 18 corrected that problem. Akito nearly killed Rin. He was furious that Rin had the gall to love Haru and that Rin tried to take his beloved treasure box.

The end of the volume was fabulous. Tohru passionately declares her fear that Kyo-kun will be lost if the curse is not broken. Takaya-san does a great job drawing Tohru’s anguished fear.


Jessica-Robyn rated it      

I’m really emotionally vulnerable right now. I can’t even remember what it was like when this series was all rainbows and butterflies. Everything is just so intense now. It’s really, really intense people! And it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better and I’m so invested in all these crazy people!!!!! aadadhadfhajfhajkfds!


… So, because Kyo hasn’t been making as many appearances I was happy to see him around again and then BAM! it hit me. It was like I had fallen off my god damn chair. I had been so into Rin and Haru (and Yuki too) that I had completely forgotten all about that whole mess of a destiny.

I’m just happy I have the whole series with me right now, so I can go straight to the next volume. What do you wanna bet that at the end of all this I’ll look like this:


because let me tell you I’m about 1/3 of the way there and still have five books to go.

Nowhere Girl

Nowhere Girl rated it      

We’re reaching a point where all main characters have changed in important ways and experienced real growth, and all the new characters are past their admittably boring introductions. The character arcs set up in the beginning are paying off, and the endgame is near. Characters I originally disliked (kagura, hiro) have become better people, even if they never necessarily got called out for their bad behavior. Yuki’s love interest and new best friend are as engaging as the original characters and seeing him grow with them is cathartic. The fact that toruh is starting to question everyone’s implicit condemnation of the cat and his fate is an important change. The only major problem is that shigure’s behavior at this point is kind of beyond redemption, but I think the series wants us to believe otherwise.

Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer

Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer rated it      

Not much happen with Tohru and Kyo, my favorite of all the characters but I didn’t hate this volume either. And there is a moment in the end where my heart soared for the two of them!

Hatsuharu and Rin have a soft spot in your heart because you know they go together and Akito should NOT get between them. I enjoyed Kureno doing the right thing for someone other than Akito. Also we learn what Hiro is struggling with and I really enjoyed Yuki’s arc with Machi.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. There are things in this life that you should and shouldn’t do.”

I love the mixture of thought with dialogue. The mix is balanced so well the way Takaya put them!

BOTTOM LINE: Filled with such heartfelt growth.


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