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Fifteen years have passed since the end of the Red Ship War with the terrifying Outislanders. Since then, Fitz has wandered the world accompanied only by his wolf and Wit-partner, Nighteyes, finally settling in a tiny cottage as remote from Buckkeep and the Farseers as possible.But lately the world has come crashing in again. The Witted are being persecuted because of their magical bonds with animals; and young Prince Dutiful has gone missing just before his crucial diplomatic wedding to an Outislander princess. Fitz’s assignment to fetch Dutiful back in time for the ceremony seems very much like a fool’s errand, but the dangers ahead could signal the end of the Farseer reign.Cover illustration by John Howe

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Kaora rated it      

Do not you sense it? A crossroads, a vertex, a vortex. All paths change from here.

This book made my cry. Multiple times.

I don’t often cry while reading books. I takes a lot. And I might blame it on pregnancy hormones except Hobb made me cry in her last two series Liveship Traders and Farseer Trilogy and when I read those I wasn’t pregnant.

But this book again has ruined me. In a good way.

Robin Hobb is the type of author that slowly builds her story. She introduces her character and you live their daily lives and truly get to know them. Some people may find it boring. But I know it is just the beginning. You begin to develop feelings for her characters. They can be positive feelings, or the most negative feelings you have ever experienced.

The truth , I discovered, is a tree that grows as a man gains access to experience. A child sees the acorn of his daily life , but a man looks back on the oak.

She then spends the remainder of the book turning your opinions on their head as her characters change and evolve in very real ways as events unfold in this fabulous world she has created.

Some speak of the savagery of beasts. I will ever prefer that to the thoughtless contempt some men have toward animals.

It is the work of an amazing author.

She doesn’t need to keep your attention with epic battle scenes, but maintains it more subtly with stunning language and unforgettable characters.


Hanna rated it     


GAAH! These books frustrate the hell out of me! Absolutely and wholly.
But I love them. The plot. The characters.

I think I hate them like I do because they are so damn realistic. Never the happy ending to anything. Only the harsh and brutal reality.

The main character is brave. And good. Lovable. He is also a fool. A wimp. That makes mistakes. That you yell “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” at.
Same for other characters. One moment you scream your head of at them. The next you sit there grinning like an idiot for how smart or good or funny or interesting they are.

Same for the plot. Twisting out of your grasp the very second you think you had it. Turning the absolutely wrong way more times than it turns the right.

See where I’m going? This is the case for everything in the WHOLE FRIKKIN’ BOOK! All the books. In the whole series!

Makes me irritated just thinking about it all.
Also makes me want to read it again. It’s crazy that I could ever dislike a book so much and still absolutely adore it.

Realistic but brave.
Heartbreaking and brilliant.


Diana Stormblessed

Diana Stormblessed rated it      

When I say I couldn’t put it down, I mean I couldn’t put it down. This 661 page book took me about 24 hours to finish. I listened to it on audio and I couldn’t disconnect myself. I listened during my commute, during work, during cooking, during putting my kids to bed. It was so great to reconnect with old characters and watch how they have matured. This book is set almost 15 years after Assassin’s Quest. Fitz is no longer whiny and misguided. The Fool is no longer mean spirited. Additionally, I think Robin Hobb’s writing abilities get better and better with each book. I loved Assassin’s Apprentice, but this one was just loads above and beyond that one. I loved everything about this book and can’t wait to read the next one.


Em rated it      

This is my third time of reading this series and it still remains my absolute favourite! Fitz, Fool and of course Nighteyes are absolute heroes and can do no wrong in my eyes.

Wishful thinking below, but who cares and I may get my wish come true in the new series, you never know!


Dara rated it      

Fool’s Errand picks up 15 years after the events of Assassin’s Quest. Fitz is living a quite life in a cottage with a boy he adopted and his loyal wolf Nighteyes. Naturally, things can’t stay quiet for poor Fitzy Fitz. Adventure comes to his door in the shape of Chade, followed by the Fool.

The first 5 chapters or so deal primarily with catching up with Fitz and finding out what’s been going on in his life. In any other writer’s hands this would be tedious but Hobb slowly reveals his past in a tantalizing way. She reveals what happened to Fitz in snippets and she always left me wanting more.

I enjoyed the plot. I was invested in the goings-on at Buckkeep as soon as Fitz arrived. Hobb focuses more on the magic of the Skill and the Wit which I enjoyed. There’s a few new characters that I liked, mainly Prince Dutiful. He reminds me of Fitz in many ways but more mature. Hobb’s characters are so nuanced and substantial, even the antagonists. I enjoyed spending time with everyone.

The real star of the book is Hobb’s writing. She’s descriptive, moving, and engrossing. I’m to the point that I’ll read anything by her. I’m glad I didn’t give up on her after Assassin’s Quest. Her characters have stuck with me and have becoming some of my all-time favorites.



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