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New Adult Romance/Action-AdventureAlex used to be a bit of a thief, but now she pours coffee and sells books for a steady paycheck. Until a man walks in and offers her a job at his private security company. A job where she has to be a bit more than a thief. Will she join his crew? And if she does, can she get over how much she doesn’t like his absurdly attractive right-hand man, Ethan?**Story ends at the 90% mark, includes sneak-peek of the sequel.**Reader discretion is advised for graphic violence, explicit language and sexual content.

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Bochra rated it     

THIS WAS FAB!!! Well most of it. I wasn’t into the writing at the beginning, a lot of telling not showing. But it got fast paced and exciting really quickly and the character were to die for! The last 25% of the book was just sex which annoyed me but there’s soooooo much action in this book I love it!!


Kate rated it     


Whew! This books has been on my TBR for a little over a year and I finally got down to it. It’s a cute story, albeit a little superficial, but good enough to keep my interest.

What I enjoyed the most was the healthy relationship amongst characters and the fact that Ethan and Alex made continuous efforts to communicate with one another after the ‘trial’ period. The romance itself was alright. But some devious part of me wished it had been between Brooks and Alex initially, but that might just be me projecting my own fantasies.

Evelyn Wishn

Evelyn Wishn rated it      

Thank you so so much for this book, it actually kinda put me out of my misery because I couldn’t find anything decent to read for a while now. And this story is so good, so interesting and just so perfect in all aspects. It has drama, humor, action and all that stuff about spies (I like it better than “thieves”) – what they do and how they do it in every detail. I personally loooved that.
So again, thank you. Reading this book was awesome and I hope I’ll find something similar to read next.

Zoe Steinberg

Zoe Steinberg rated it      

I bought this book last week and I have already read it 4 times. I didn’t expect to love all of the characters so much but I fell in love all of them. That’s all I can say without the fear of me ruining an important part so you should really just read it.

C Joy

C Joy rated it      

It started out slow but I stayed with it, and it’s worth reading.

I was a bit hesitant at first because the heroine (Alex) was young and that’s usually college age and I’m pleasantly surprised I like her and the way things progressed.

Alex and the new people she met doesn’t have Supernatural abilities, but they’re extraordinary. There’s a simmering tension between her and Ethan, which is a result of misconception. Everything worked out for everyone, it had the perfect ending too.

I could compare the story to a high-intensity interval training, with an awesome cool down.

I felt the love between all of them – Brooks as the parental figure, Ollie as the little brother who’s a genius, August is the middle sister, and Spencer is his own character. The romantic love between Alex and Ethan was really soul-deep that their love scenes’ intensity made up for the quantity. Their feelings developed for each other, the author let it play out instead of the usual lust first relationship later. It’s quite a breath of fresh air.

There are fighting scenes, love scenes, suspense, humor and a little something for everyone.


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