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Far Away opens on a girl questioning her aunt about having seen her uncle hitting people with an iron bar. Several years later, the whole world is at war – including birds and animals. The girl has returned to her aunt to take refuge and begins to describe her journey: “There were piles of bodies and if you stopped to find out there was one killed by coffee or one killed by pins, they were killed by heroin, petrol, chainsaws, hairspray, bleach, foxgloves, the smell of smoke was where we were burning the grass that wouldn’t serve…”

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Nicole Clarkson

Nicole Clarkson rated it     

It was indeed a glorious play. I was emotionally invested throughout, always writing comments in the margins because I had so many opinions as I was reading. It was also nice to read in one sitting, as the work is under 100 pages and the dialogue between characters is artistically choppy. My only hesitation was that I read this before I gained the historical and authorial context and didn’t quite get the intent upon first reading it. It seemed to be just an absurd play rather than a political commentary. Like I said, still a wonderful play, but I wish there had been more of the contextual commentary within the paperback. Though perhaps that is me being lazy.


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