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A slightly overweight student deals with a treacherous slide into bitterness. All of Emily’s friends seem so perfect. They’re skinny and pretty, and, of course, are fun and flirty to boot. Especially Leah, who, as Emily remembers it, used to be the chubby girl in school. Now Leah is on her way toward becoming America’s next top model. Literally. Why can’t I look like her? Emily loathes her slightly overweight body, her insecure personality, and sometimes even her “perfect” friends. As Leah and Becca, another gorgeous friend, discuss the latest fashion trends and “magical thigh-reducing creams,” Emily’s secret bitterness begins to eat away at her soul. Emily takes drastic measures putting herself in danger of death, which she will only avoid if she comes to terms with the issues weighing down her heavy heart.

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Elena rated it     

This book is an amazing journey following the life of a teenager who just desires to be thinner. It has a very sweet story line of turning to God with your problems and allowing God to work within you. If you are dealing with any image issues and not feeling good in your own skin, I 10/10 suggest this book.

The story started off slightly predictable, but after I got through a little bit of the book, it began to take some surprising turns I wouldn’t have originally considered.

This book didn’t have a strong theme of a male heroin coming to save the day. Rather, it showed the protagonist fleeing to religion. This book is targeted towards teenage girls and promotes Christianity. I would totally suggest this book to more mature audiences.

Sofia Marie

Sofia Marie rated it     

Typical Emily: “But here’s what totally rocks – I feel powerful. As I’m working out, and really going hard at it, I feel like I finally have some control over my life. … And, I realize as I’m jogging on the treadmill, this is just the beginning.”

For a while Emily has been gaining weight. But that’s about to stop. Her best friend Leah, a beautiful, thin girl, is trying to help her out. She encourages Emily to eat healthy, exercise, and drink water. But that’s not working fast enough. So Emily resorts to more drastic measures. Will she realize just how far she’s taking it before it’s too late?

Anorexia nervosa is real. Trying to be thin is a problem many girls face. Craving good looks is just one of the causes of both anorexia and bulimia. Find out more about both anorexia and bulimia.

“Faded Denim: Color Me Trapped” is an interesting read, filled with truths about God. It addresses the problem of thinking more about outward looks than spiritual growth.

This is the 9th book in the True Colors series. The rest are “Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely,” “Deep Green: Color Me Jealous,” “Torch Red: Color Me Torn,” “Pitch Black: Color Me Lost,” “Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted,” “Fool’s Gold: Color Me Consumed,” “Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred,” “Bitter Rose: Color Me Crushed,” “Moon White: Color Me Enchanted,” “Bright Purple: Color Me Confused,” and “Harsh Pink: Color Me Burnt.”


Kelly rated it      

This book was very eye opening, I purchased it at a Christian book store where I usually do not shop. This book caught my attention so I bought it with the intent to read it right away. Almost a year later, I rediscovered the book on my shelf and have been reading it off and on. Tonight I finished this book and can say that it was meant for me to read, being someone who has a slight weight issue I could relate to the main character, but I have never gone to the extremes this character did. Emily is a girl who struggles with her weight and over time, become anorexic, but not before trying the idea of bulemia. Though this book dealt with these issues, Emily kept God in her life and soon realized that he had a purpose for her that she did not understand.

This book is very touching and puts the reader in the characters shoes. I’m glad this book caught my attention and I can honestly say that there was a purpose in my life for me to read this ok. I highly recommend this story.


$hanel rated it      

Emily Foster thinks that she is fat and this does not help the fact that all her friends are skinny as twigs, gorgeous and fun and flity of coarse! Especially Emily`s best friend Leah who is on her way to being America`s next top model Literally. Emily hates her slightly overweight body and wants to make drastic changes quick for her senior year of high school. This causes Emily to be bossed around by Leah who teaches Emily how to lose weight in a healthy way. To bad Emily falls under a few weight loss traps that could ruin her body and her friendship with God. Will Emily reach her goal to look like a model?


Kay rated it      

This book by Melody Carlson is a wonderful read that was written with grace. Female body image is an issue that women of all ages struggle with. How a young girl feels about her body as a preteen can be detrimental . I was not personally a teen that struggled with an anorexia but I did struggle with a weight problem. I think that the message that this book sends to young girls about loving their bodies as a gift from God and treating as a temple is essential. It’s message can be valuable to women of all ages to focus on what is on the inside and the outside will shine as well no matter what your size.


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