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How do you tell Satan that you ran over his dog?

Evangeline Hollis has no idea, and she doesn’t want to find out. She’d rather forget the Infernal that nearly wiped out her training class and killed some of the best demonhunting Marks in the world. Living with the Mark of Cain—and the two sexy brothers who come with it—is trouble enough.
Satan has put a bounty on Eve’s head, and Hell’s denizens are converging on Southern California. The Infernals are complicating Eve’s hunts and creating chaos in her once orderly life. They’ve also brought her to the attention of an overzealous reverend who’s certain she’s Jezebel reincarnate.

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Ruby rated it      


I will say this again….this series has it all, Love, Lust, 2 Alpha males, Danger, Mystery, and so much more. Alec Cain and Reed Abel will have you panting with their every word. Both powerful workers of God. Both desire to promote. But both stuck in Lust/Love with Eve Hollis. But things are escalating. A bounty has been put on Eve’s head. Keeping her safe, yet guarding each of their hearts is a full time job. But now mortals are involved and an Archangel is taken captive. So much chaos from such a green Mark. But the Kings of the Underworld and the Seraphiam all have their foot in this coming war. With the ties that Eve has to Cain and Abel, all three are worth so much.

“Breaking the connection, he rested his forehead against hers. “Don’t use me to punish Cain.” “No.” She pressed more tightly against him. “No Cain. Just you.” He cupped her buttocks in his hand and lifted her feet from the floor. Eve…want you… His lips, so firm and sensually curved, were softer than she’d expected. The last time he kissed her, he’d been rough. Angry. This time, his tongue was velvety soft as it licked deep into her mouth. The plunging motion was so deeply sexual she grew hot and wet.”

And what a show that came. Infernals came of all shapes and sizes to collect the bounty. But a deal was struck with the Lord of Hell. And old regrets were found. But with so much going on, can Eve get her Mark removed? Or can she now relax in her new found position with two sexy men at her side. Only time will tell. But do be warned….that is one hell of a cliffhanger!!!


Darcy rated it      

This series just keeps getting better and better!!

Eve is in a weird place when this starts, really torn between the guys, and neither one of them helps her out because they both really love her. It makes for some very interesting situations.

As Cain becomes more unstable things really start heating up between the 3 of them. They all realize that something is wrong with him, but they all have different ways of dealing with it and what they would like to see come out of it based on who they are.

We also get to meet Cain and Abel’s famous parents. This was very interesting, with a lot of the story with held, driving me nuts as I want to know more. Due to an unfortunate event we get to see both of the guys blame each other and fight in front of their parents, proving no matter how old you are, your parents can still reign you in.

Eve manages to once again out smart everyone by thinking outside of the box. Her not having any religious bias is what seems to be the thing that allows her to come up with crazy plans that attempt to save everyone.

I am also giggling like a little girl when certain characters appear, Eve’s mom is super funny, I love Hank and Fred, and the tengu have cracked me up from book one.

I both love and hate how things were ended in this book. I want to know who was at the end, what happened to the Father, how much will Aswn mess things up, and much more. I can’t wait for the next book!!


Seregon rated it     

** Warning: May contain spoilers**

To be fair, I’d actually give this a 4.5. I really dislike the second book so I was wary about this one, but I have to say the series has been redeemed. While Reed (Abel) is still kinda douchey with his “men fuck, making love is for women” and “I don’t do relationships” attitude, he really does become less of an asshole. As the book goes on you actually discover that it’s more like a defense mechanism than anything else.

With the archangel Raguel trapped in Hell by Satan (Sammael) and Alec’s (Cain) schizophrenia due to recent ascension to replace Raguel, deals are being made left and right, some with the Devil himself. I love that Satan actually plays a main character in this book. He’s smooth, charming, and yeah, good looking. Would you really expect him to be anything else?

With Cain busy running Raguel’s firm and still trying to keep order, he’s pretty much out of Evangeline’s life-at least romantically speaking. She and Reed hook up, even if only temporarily. Can’t say I blame her. I mean if the shoe were on the other foot you KNOW the guy would be using every excuse under the sun, and hey, humans have needs… but I digress…

Eventually Raguel comes back and Cain goes back to normal, but not before some mudslinging, shady back room deals, fights, explosions and a few deaths along the way.


Jessica rated it     

There is so much going on in Eve of Chaos I won’t be able to fit it all in a review. I loved this book and its my favorite in the series so far. I love the relationship between Eve & Reed & Eve & Alec in this book and how everything plays out.

Eve is left dealing with the loss of her boss the Archangel Raguel who she’s trying to free from the pits of Hell and at the same time deal with Cain’s ascension to archangel. The change isn’t going well for Cain and he isn’t acting like himself at all. He’s wicked nice one moment then a real jerk the next. He pushes Eve away knowing there’s something wrong with him because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Eve turns to Reed (Abel) hurt and betrayed by Alec (Cain). So, Eve decides to give Reed a chance since she also has feeling for him. While Eve is trying to figure out her feelings for Cain & Abel she’s still trying to find a way to save her boss from Hell. How does she do that? She makes a deal with the devil himself of course…

This book is let with a major cliffhanger. There is a short novella (Eve of Warfare) that’s after this book that does answer some questions. I really hope the author continues with these characters & this series because there’s so much more that can be done.


Midori rated it     

I really enjoyed this series. The mythology was great, I always love finding books that are of the supernatural that aren’t all just angsty werewolf/vampire/human “Love” stories. There was enough going on that I was always interested to find out what was going to happen next.

I really enjoyed that while this is an adult book there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of sex scenes. I mean don’t get me wrong they are there, but it wasn’t like a lot of books where it’s happening every 3rd page. I will however say the mental menage a trois was a little strange… and slightly uncomfortable…. but I digress.

and finally…. The ending…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! That’s worse than killing off the main character, leaving it on a cliffhanger, or just trailing off. You cannot give us an ambiguous ending and expect us to be satisfied with this series. I actually threw the book. I haven’t done that since I read the ending of Allegiant. Just…. no. So upset.


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