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THEY SEE WHAT NO ONE ELSE SEESEvery crime scene has a smell. A look. A trail of DNA.It also has a feel. An emotional residue that lingers… floating unseen, like bacteria in the air, just waiting to be absorbed. To be experienced.To be interpreted.And only the man and the boy know this.Veteran major crimes detective, Kate Messenger, has a problem on her hands: six bodies—father, mother, three children and the family dog—all slaughtered in their own home, with not a single clue or a shred of DNA that points to the butcher who killed them. But late one night, as she’s visiting what the newspapers have dubbed the House of Pain, Kate finds a couple of intruders at her crime scene: a man and a young blind boy who have no real explanation for their presence there.In the hours that follow, Kate will discover that this is no ordinary boy—not by a long shot—and his ability to “read” the lingering residue left the killer and his victims will not only open some old and very tender wounds, but may also help her find a killer who has been watching her every move…

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Kerem Tek

Kerem Tek rated it      

One word: omg

This is the most pacey thriller i ve read in ages. A perfect crime thriller with a bold woman detective, a mysterious case and action !

Recommended by five stars and thanks to the author !

p.s:hopefully its a 5 book series !
Edward Fallon
Linger: Dying is a Wild Night


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