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‘My watch is running backwards.’Colorado, 1981. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in Appletown – an idyllic village in the remote American desert where the townsfolk go peacefully about their suburban routines. But when two more strangers arrive, things begin to change. The first is a mad scientist – whose warnings are cut short by an untimely and brutal death. The second is the Doctor…As death falls from the sky, the Doctor is trapped. The TARDIS is damaged, and the Doctor finds he is living backwards through time. With Amy and Rory being hunted through the suburban streets of the Doctor’s own future and getting farther away with every passing second, he must unravel the secrets of Appletown before time runs out…A thrilling, all-new time travel adventure featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory, as played by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in the spectacular hit Doctor Who series from BBC Television.

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Stephanie rated it     

Eh. I was slightly disappointed by this book. Good plot, bad writing. Which is surprising because apparently Oli Smith has written many other Doctor Who books for other Doctors. Maybe that’s the problem. I felt like he didn’t have a handle on these characters. The Doctor didn’t seem to be Matt Smith (which is a common problem with these 11th Doctor books) but Rory was way too brave and there was something off about Amy too, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Oh Well. Still, it was a Doctor Who book which, on principle alone, deserves at least a 4.


Jenna rated it     

This book is about the Doctor, Amy and Rory stumbling upon a town of Stepford Wives and their husbands, and things not being as simple as it seems. I think this book captured the characters well, and I loved the storyline. I could definitely see how it would pan out on the television, and that’s always important to me when reading adaptations of a television series. The storyline was interesting, and it was nice to see Amy and Rory working to look after themselves without the Doctor guiding them.


Alexa rated it     

This book was such as pleasant surprise! I love reading media tie-in books from my favorite shows because it provides new stories with my favorite characters, but some of them are definitely better than others. This book not only was a great story, but it managed to surprised me. The plot had many twist and turns and I even had to re-read certain parts because it was so intricate. I would highly recommend this book to fans of the show, and even people who just want to see what Doctor Who is all about; it is great representation of the show and it also stands alone as a great novel.


MrsLlante rated it      

This was a really intriguing start into the Doctor Who novel series. I was able to read it and picture exactly what was happening as if it was a TV episode. I remember talking to someone about this ‘episode’ that I really loved to a friend and he was very puzzled as he had never heard of it before. I then realised that it was a book and not an episode.
The story was very well written and very in tune with the Doctor Who universe. It was an excellent portrayal of the characters and I loved the storyline.


Thethinwhiteduke rated it     

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. What do you mean it’s not awesome?
Eleven was acting just Doctor-ish, not Eleven-ish. Rory & Amy are cute enough.
In a nutshell, this book’s sorta mixed bag, but I liked it more than others with the new Team Tardis.


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