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Die für ihre Nacherzählungen alter Mythen weltweit bekannt gewordene Marion Zimmer Bradley wählt sich diesmal den Kampf um Troia zum Thema. Dieser hochdramatische Roman über den Untergang Troias läßt das klassische Altertum lebendig werden. Die seit Homer in immer neuen Varianten erzählte Geschichte erhält in dieser Fassung ihren besonderen Reiz dadurch, daß Marion Zimmer Bradley die Handlung aus der Sicht der Seherin Kassandra erzählt – aus weiblicher Sicht. Ein wichtiger Motivstrang beschäftigt sich mit der Ablösung des Matriarchats durch das Patriarchat. Längst vergangen Geglaubtes bringt Marion Zimmer Bradley wieder ans Licht und verschafft ihm aktuelle Bedeutung.

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Rosie rated it      

I went to the library in search of another of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Books of Avalon and I came home with The Firebrand. This is the story of the Trojan War told through the eyes of Kassandra, one of the princesses who has been portrayed as insane in many versions of the legend. I really liked this book and the different twists that it gave to the legend. It is interesting how many of the women characters appear to live a pretty idle life and be at the disposal of the men in the story, but in reality their presence seems to help cause a lot of unfortunate events. These events are always executed by men, so if the women were given the power to make all of the decisions, would things have turned out so bad? I guess that is the questions you have after reading several of her books. Another thing I really liked about this story is that the fall of Troy happened mostly because of natural disasters and other fluke events that humans have no control over anyway. This makes the citizens of Troy feel like the destruction of the city was ordained and caused by the Gods. I love these lines that Kassandra repeats throughout the story as she appeals to Apollo for help: “…can You not save Your people? If you cannot, why are You called a God? And if You can and will not, what kind of God are You?”

Maxi Bolongaita

Maxi Bolongaita rated it      

I read this when I was in High school. I accidentally came across the Hardbound version of it tucked somewhere obscurely in the fiction section.

Immediately after the first few pages I knew I was in love and it was magical since I was already a Greek Myth die-hard at the time and I fancied the Amazon women (being from an all girls institution) this book just…well it took my breath away. Marion Zimmer Bradley is a fantastic writer. I laughed, cried and felt the pain of Kassandra and the people around her.

It is one of my favourite books and I read it thrice in a row. Its almost been 10 years since I last read it and I still recall the story vividly as if I had just read it.

I am trying to find an actual copy with no success so if you do see this book, buy it and keep it. Its pure gold.

Also, we watched the movie Mists of Avalon which was also based on the book by the same writer. Pretty good stuff. Looking for a copy. Can’t wait to read more.


Rosanna rated it      

On of my favorite books! This is an expanded re-telling of Homer’s tale The Illiad.
In this version however, the main character is the Priestess and sister of Paris, Kassandra.
Very well done with wonderful historical detail and true spirituality though out. It also gives more believable and less mythological origins for the people later know as Centaurs and the Amazons, which is a great way to show the evolution of truth into myth and fantasy.
I consider this to be the bridge between the story line of Atlantis and the Avalon series, as one of the Trojan Princes (Aeneas) and Kassandra both feel they knew each other in another life and the city claims to be the descendants of the a Kingdom from the sea (Atlantis).

Night Goddess

Night Goddess rated it      

The Firebrand is another favorite of mine. This was a great new take on the Trojan war from the perspective of Paris & Hector’s sister Kassandra. Marion Zimmer Bradely reinvented fact & legend in this enthralling book. I highly recommend to any and all who would like to relive the Trojan War from the perspective of a woman instead of the way it is usually recounted from men.

Gabrielle Ragusi

Gabrielle Ragusi rated it     

This is one of my absolute favourite books. I first read it years ago after the Avalon series and I fell in love with it.
As in all the author’s books, there’s a theme of violence and abuse that I absolutely hate, but the writing is undeniably good and the amount of research is evident in The Firebrand.

When I talk about Marion Zimmer Bradley’s books, I always end up talking about the negative (how can I not, I fell in love with her books when I was in middle school, I was obsessed, and then I felt… betrayed? I was certainly disappointed), but to this day I still adore her writing and the structure of her stories.

But here’s the negative.

The characters are human and inhuman at first, but each one of them tends to become a stereotype by the end of the book. They’re also inconsistent and have the tendency to appear and disappear at random.

The book is based on feminism, or at least a very distorted concept of it. In my opinion, this is not feminism. Kassandra isn’t an independent strong woman, she’s quite the opposite to the very end. Her desire to worship someone, a God or a man, doesn’t go away. She continuously changes her mind about this. Although she’s somewhat strong by the end (she’s been through some shit), she isn’t independent.

The timeline could have been better. There are small and large skips.

In general, there are inconsistencies throughout the book and this may cause confusion.

But! I’m giving this book four stars because it’s one of my favourites. I studied history in Uni because of MZB’s books and the Firebrand in particular (then I dropped out to pursue something else), and her work is still very important to me.


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