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Hace 100.000 años al menos seis especies de humanos habitaban la Tierra. Hoy solo queda una, la nuestra: Homo sapiens.¿Cómo logró nuestra especie imponerse en la lucha por la existencia? ¿Por qué nuestros ancestros recolectores se unieron para crear ciudades y reinos? ¿Cómo llegamos a creer en dioses, en naciones o en los derechos humanos; a confiar en el dinero, en los libros o en las leyes? ¿Cómo acabamos sometidos a la burocracia, a los horarios y al consumismo? ¿Y cómo será el mundo en los milenios venideros?En De animales a dioses, Yuval Noah Harari traza una breve historia de la humanidad, desde los primeros humanos que caminaron sobre la Tierra hasta los radicales y a veces devastadores avances de las tres grandes revoluciones que nuestra especie ha protagonizado: la cognitiva, la agrícola y la científica. A partir de hallazgos de disciplinas tan diversas como la biología, la antropología, la paleontología o la economía, Harari explora cómo las grandes corrientes de la historia han modelado nuestra sociedad, los animales y las plantas que nos rodean e incluso nuestras personalidades. ¿Hemos ganado en felicidad a medida que ha avanzado la historia? ¿Seremos capaces de liberar alguna vez nuestra conducta de la herencia del pasado? ¿Podemos hacer algo para influir en los siglos futuros?Audaz, ambicioso y provocador, este libro cuestiona todo lo que creíamos saber sobre el ser humano: nuestros orígenes, nuestras ideas, nuestras acciones, nuestro poder… y nuestro futuro.

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Moran rated it      

I believe I am relatively familiar with history in general, and I’m usually not very excited about reading more about it. But this book was something else.
Beautifully written and easy to read, this book just made me want to know more and more about how the author thinks the world evolved to what it is today. Revolution by revolution, religion by religion, conception by conception, things were simplified and yet still maintained valid points – and it was never boring.

The best thing about it was that it actually made me think.
The author doesn’t treat you as ignorant at all – he doesn’t assume you know nothing but assume you know a lot and understand a lot, and doesn’t lecture about anything, and that attitude makes the book a pleasure to read.

Just read it.

Simon Clark

Simon Clark rated it      

Fantastic. Absolutely sublime. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with such grand scope, or a book that promises to cover so much and actually delivers. Dealing with the biggest questions about our species – Why are we here? Why are we the way we are? What does our happiness mean? – Harari writes precisely and with shrewd use of metaphor, providing answers that seem intuitively right but leading us to think further than we have before. The links between giant forces that control our world such as capitalism, science, and empire are made brilliantly and made me see the world through fresh eyes.

Dizzyingly good. Everyone should read this.


·Karen· rated it      

Beginner’s guide to sociobiology.
And since I am a complete beginner, perfect for me.

I finished this some six months ago: interesting to see what has remained: gossip, something I hate and rarely indulge in, is an important factor in creating social cohesion, (so perhaps I should revise my attitude to it). True, when you think about it: you and I can only gossip about someone we both know. And it might be important to know who is forming an alliance behind our back. However, as social glue, gossip can only work in smaller groups: once you get past around forty or fifty it becomes unwieldy. Then you need to invent some story that everyone believes in, a story to bind ‘us’ together, that ‘we’ are ‘we’ and ‘we’ are defined (not ‘them’, who believe in something ‘other’).

Exceeding accessible, enjoyable, packed with information. I learned a lot, but then I was starting from absolute zero.

Ranjeev Dubey

Ranjeev Dubey rated it      

Every once in a decade, a book comes along that has the capacity to radically change the way we think about matters of substance. This book is one of them.

It asks fundamental questions about our evolution as humans and offers counter intuitive, tangential viewpoints. It tests our thinking, provokes new trains of thought.

The book is highly readable and an immense provocation. It must be read, whether or not you are particularly interested in mankind, its history, its evolution or its future. I can’t repeat myself often enough. Its an absolute mandatory read. No question about it.

A NOTE ON RATING: I rate most good books at 3 stars, meaning it was a good read and was worth the time it took to read. I work on the principle that a good book is par for the course: we are all expected to write good books. If any ingredient is missing, I downgrade it to two stars. This is the only book I have given five stars. I need not say more.

Please just read it.


Aakanksha rated it     

It’s an excellent book with all the facts and figures which we don’t know. This book is thought-provoking and changes one’s thoughts about history. The author tries to sum up as much as he can in this book but in my opinion, a single book is not enough for the brief history of humankind. It never will be.

Although, the book is filled with the author’s opinions. He believes that Earth is better off without humans. Some part of the book is very intriguing and some are so boring that you wish to stop reading. There is a lack of information about Neanderthals which made me unsatisfied. I like the scientific revolution part very much. This book tells how we evolve and about our genes and other interesting stuff. It’s a must-read.

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