De 100-jarige man die uit het raam klom en verdween Book reviews


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Allan wordt honderd en dat wordt groots gevierd in het bejaardentehuis, behalve dan dat de jarige het op zijn heupen krijgt en kort voordat het feest losbarst, vertrekt. De tijd die hem rest kan hij beter besteden, vindt hij, en hij klimt uit het raam en verdwijnt. Pers en burgemeester hebben het nakijken. Allan is een nuchter type dat weinig tot geen angst kent en die verder niet al te lang stilstaat bij zijn beslissingen, maar ad hoc handelt en het avontuur op zijn hoogbejaarde leeftijd niet schuwt. Met alle gevolgen van dien. De vaart houdt hij er in elk geval in, want vanaf het moment dat hij het bejaardentehuis verlaat, wordt De 100-jarige man die uit het raam klom en verdween een soort roadtrip waarbij de lezer de memorabele avonturen van de 100-jarige meemaakt – zo let hij even op een koffer voor iemand die maar niet terugkomt en dus gaat de koffer mee de bus in, maar er blijkt enorm veel (maffia)geld in te zitten, hetgeen woeste achtervolgingen tot gevolg heeft -, ook verzamelt Allan een bonte club figuren om zich heen in een zwaan-kleef-aaneffect. Tegelijkertijd passeren de memorabele momenten uit zijn leven én die van de twintigste-eeuwse geschiedenis de revue, met Allan als wel heel bijzonder gezelschap.

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Libbeth rated it      

If I could have read this book at school instead of dull text books ‘O’level history would have been brought to life. I enjoyed the way historical figures and events were tied in with Allan’s remarkable life story, I enjoyed the characters, the daftness of it all and of course what’s not to love about an elephant.


F rated it      

I loved this book! I have a soft spot for old men so maybe that helped!
I totally adored this old man! Such a sweetie and lead a very interesting life being involved in key points in history. (although I did find one or two of these historic chapters dragged on a bit)

Went straight into the story and the story was brillant.

Had so many unexpected events and moments in this book. Great characters including the chief inspector. Was brillant and kept me hooked the entire way through it. If in all honestly I did prefer the original story compared to the lengthy historic parts but they were very much enjoyed too.

Loved it!


Simonne rated it      

Totally bizar book 🙂 A Forust gump kind of feeling. I’ve never read any kind of book like this one.
The author made me wonder many times what to expect next and often I had a smile on my face.

A bizar great fun kind of book.


Hal rated it      

This novel is absolutely insane! It destroys any image you may have of the stoic, humorless Swede. You may want to avoid reading this book in public. Your guffaws, snickers and smiles are apt to draw weird looks from folks around you.

“The 100-Year-Old Man…” was a hit when first published in Swedish and continued as a comedic smash when translated into English.

It is certainly a rewriting of history. You meet a Franco, a Truman, a Mao, a Nixon and others along the way who are nothing like the historic personages you think you know. Throw in a bunch of Swedes, some would-be criminals, a dull-witted prosecutor and an elephant and you have a story that is zany, hilarious and any other adjective you care to ascribe to it.

And it all begins with a centenarian in a retirement home who couldn’t/wouldn’t face the hullabaloo over his 100th birthday and climbed out the window and disappeared and left hilarity in his wake.


Catriona rated it      

A charming, sweet and often hilarious black comedy.
Enter the world of Allan Karlsson – the 100 year old explosives expert who, during his rather extraordinary century, has met some of the most influential of world leaders, stolen from a ferocious gang member whilst he was in the toilet, developed an affinity with Sonja (who doesn’t often take to people – she’s quite a discerning elephant) and is a very loyal and protective cat owner.
Not one for sitting quietly when it’s time to do something, Allan decides to leave his old folks home on the day of his 100th birthday. Chaos ensues as Allan decides to leave the home, pick a direction and see what will happen next. After all, things are what they are, and whatever will be will be…


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