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Illustrated for the first time in full colour by Quentin Blake.Danny lives in a gipsy caravan with his father, the most marvellous and exciting father any boy ever had.All the land around them belongs to Mr Victor Hazell, a rich snob with a great glistening beery face and tiny piggy eyes. Nobody likes him, not one-little bit.So one day, Danny and his father concoct a daring plot that will give the old blue-faced baboon Victor Hazell the greatest shock of his life – so long as they don’t get caught …

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Rebecca rated it      

In either year 2 or 3 (actually I think it happened both years) my class had a substitute teacher at the end of the year. She was amazing and I adored her. She would always read us stories which of course I loved. As well as this book she also read us Roald Dahls The Witches and The BFG.

Anyways I was totally enthralled with this story and the day she finished it I went home and was RAVING about it and either my brother or mother told me we had a copy of it somewhere that belonged to my brother but he never muched cared for it. I went rummaging and found it and it became mine. 😀
I still have the same copy of the book! I have read it many times over the years. I love the life Danny and his father live. I think they are a beautiful family.

This is a really great kids book…okay a bit morally questionable at times (father is a poacher and they plot to make off with LOADS of pheasants from the local rich guys forest) but its still a really great kids book!


Jenn rated it      

Since I was traveling through England on a literary tour, and since my sister gave a presentation on Roald Dahl on said tour, I suddenly had the urge to continue reading the works of Roald Dahl, since I’ve only read a handful of his delightful and quirky tales. I can’t believe I’ve never read this one, but I’m so happy that I did: the relationship between Danny and his father is so utterly delightful – and so unlike anything I’ve encountered in children’s literature – that I was turning pages until the end and smiling from ear to ear. What a treat of a book!


ABC rated it      

This was one of my all-time favorites when I was a kid. I read it several times. And now my son loves it, too!

It is a father/son story, but all the more poignant because Dahl’s dad died when Dahl was quite young. The book blurb says Dahl learned poaching from a friend.

Now that I am an adult I see that it (perhaps unintentionally) poses the question of whether it is okay to steal from someone who is horrible and rich? Danny and his dad are sort of like Robin Hood in this book. Editted to add: I have read some reviews, and a lot of people get hung up about the poaching business. When I was a child, poaching (for me, at least) was so far out of the realm of possibility it might as well have been fantasy. I think it is something important to talk about with your child, but the poaching does not make this a bad book.


Celine rated it     

Another lovely book by Roald Dahl. Danny and his father live in a small gypsy caravan, and work together fixing cars and manning a gas pump. The bond between Danny and his dad is absolutely fabulous, and I think as a kid, I would have loved living in that caravan. Danny’s dad has a terrible secret – he loves to poach pheasants. The story was incredibly sweet. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was the fact that they’re essentially killing animals to eat them. Now, I’m not a vegetarian or animal activist, but something like that does make me feel slightly iffy. It was still a lovely story though

Yvonne (It's All About Books)

Yvonne (It’s All About Books) rated it     

3,5 stars.

I won’t be writing a full review for Danny The Champion Of The World… I’ve been slowly going through the books of one of my favorite childhood authors, Roald Dahl, rereading old favorites as well as some stories I missed when I was little. I did read Danny The Champion Of The World a couple times when I was little, and although it’s not my favorite I remember still enjoying the story quite a lot. It’s not as fantastical as some of his other stories, but I liked the relationship between father and son and the ‘secret’ and creative poaching ideas. It’s definitely a fun story for kids to read.

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