Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress Book reviews


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The world-famous, much-loved classic Pilgrim’s Progress is here retold for children. This abridged version uses the original words of John Bunyan as selected by Oliver Hunkin to present a gripping narrative. Filled with intricately detailed illustrations, this handsome, large-format book makes an ideal gift.

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Genevieve rated it     

This is a beautifully illustrated version of Pilgrim’s Progress for children. Though it’s simplified and shortened, the sentences are just old-fashioned enough to be interesting for children without being confusing. (e.g. “In yonder village there dwells a gentleman . . .” or “At this point, Christian espied a stile . . . “) I read this with my boys, and we all enjoyed it.


R.A. rated it      

Definitely a great illustrated book of Pilgrim’s Progress for young readers! Although a couple of the photos are slightly scary, it shows the readers the truth of it all! When my Mom read this to my little brother, he kept talking about the big giant and the dragon! It really makes readers think!


Katie rated it      

I love how the Dangerous Journey shows God helping Christian each step of the way to the Celestial City. And God is vital in defeating every enemy. The symbolism in the beginning concerning Christian’s conflict with his family points to how our faith truly is between each of us and our God.

Trish Hermanson

Trish Hermanson rated it     

Great for both children and adults! Dramatic artwork and moving text that brings to life John Bunyan’s allegory of the journey of Everyman from this world to the next.


Scott rated it      

This is perhaps my favorite children’s book and may be the book the has had the greatest influence on my taste in artwork and design. On a purely literary level, it’s an adaptation of Pilgrim’s Progress, though the unique aspect of this version is that it uses selections from the original rather than modernizing the language. So, it’s really more of an abridgement. But what really stands out in this book is the artwork. Each page of text, which really does not amount to more than a paragraph, has a beautiful illustration on the facing page. Many of the illustrations are quite grotesque, but I like that 🙂


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