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A young adult paranormal romance series. An epic journey. If the Seventine are released, will anyone survive?The possession of Abigail’s mate has left their melding bond in tatters. But she has no time to grieve. The deadline still looms to collect the half-Walkers.Together with her friends she ventures to Crais, the red land of the two suns. From the moment they step into the scorching heat, they’re surrounded by rock and death. And with limited time and oxygen they will have no second chance to figure out the secret to this planet’s survival. And then, when she thinks all hope is lost, the Seventine make her an offer she can’t resist. But will her chance to save Brace be the catalyst that destroys the worlds?

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Karen Graham

Karen Graham rated it      

The 3rd book which sees Abbs visit the hot world of Craig’s – the world with 2 suns. What’s not to like – this world has dragoonas! Another great book introducing Fury into the mix whilst battling her own demons with her mate Brace. Gripping reading – I devoured it.


Dawne rated it     

I have devoured the first 2 books, but for some reason this one was not in the same caliber. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t care for Fury or that it seems to be a bit repetitive. I love the vision of this author and look forward to the rest of the books in the series.


Marcy rated it     

Twas so very good. Knocked a star off for a couple of rough patches (grammar wise that threw me off or else I wouldn’t care), and the fact that we didn’t spend too much time on Crais and with Fury (which would have been very interesting). Otherwise, enjoyable!

Aroha Spark

Aroha Spark rated it      

Love Abigail these girls kick butt

Jaymin creates these worlds ya get sucked into n this group of chicks n kick arse blokes is fun. Love their attitude really like Dune love Quane he’s adorable it’s going to be interesting to see where it goes next.


Tammy rated it      

Book 3 – finished this one rather quickly, I’m sure my boss didn’t mind, and who really needs sleep anyway.
Immediately downloaded book 4.


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